FAQ - Designer-to-Customer Program

What is the Designer-to-Customer Program?
The Designer-to-Customer Program helps former Designers stay connected in the Chalk Couture™ community after they transition out of Designer status and into Club Couture™ customer status. Club Couture subscribers receive an exclusive monthly Club Couture project pack, additional deals, discounts, and insider info, for as long as their subscription is active.

Former US Designers transition to Club Couture subscribers seamlessly and automatically (in the US), and they remain connected to their existing Advisor. Participants in this program are free to cancel ANYTIME. As Designers transition to Club Couture, they are provided one un-billed month to determine whether they wish to continue as Club Couture members. (For example, if you transition from Designer to customer at the end of March, you will not be charged in April and your Club Couture subscription will begin on May 5 if you do not cancel before that date.) The program is automatic for transitioning Designers in the United States; they also receive a free Transfer in the month following their exit from Designer status.

This program is a part of Chalk Couture procedure, and is outlined in the Policies, agreed to by each new Designer upon enrollment, and renewed annually each April.

In Canada, to participate in the program, exiting Designers are required to have a separate enrollment. 

How does the Designer-to-Customer Program help Designers departing Chalk Couture?
We love Designers! But we also know that sometimes life happens, requiring people to change their focus, even when they love Chalk Couture products and creating!

This program helps people continue doing what they love—chalking!—at a price similar to what was paid for their former Designer monthly subscription (in the US only). For a similar price, they can receive the FULL Club Couture pack including three Chalkology® Paste Singles and an exclusive Transfer, every single month.

How does the Designer-to-Customer Program help Teams and Leaders?
The best thing about Chalk Couture is friendship and all the creative connections we make along the way. We regularly hear from Designers that they want to keep those connections and conversations going, and to feel welcomed as part of a great group, even if circumstances require them to leave Designer status.

This program helps Leaders keep those connections strong and aligned in the community where they’re rooted. Leaders can simply move transitioning Designers from Team social media groups into VIP customer groups, where customers have full access to great ideas, leading décor trends, and their choice of products and promotions offered by the Designer.

What is the process for an eligible Designer to move to Club Couture customer?
A Designer moves to Club Couture customer after the following:

  • A Designer has an active account but does not meet the 100PV quarterly requirement. The day after the requirement deadline, their Designer account is closed and their status changes to “D2C”, meaning “Designer to Customer”.
  • A Club Couture customer account is created by Chalk Central for the former Designer (the email address remains the same for the new account, so the login for the Club customer account is the same as the login was for the Designer account). The new Club Couture customer account is connected to the former Designer’s Advisor—so credit for Club Couture is tied to that Advisor. This former Team member is now a customer.
  • The US former Designer is automatically enrolled in Club Couture and receives a FREE Club Couture Transfer (no paste singles) for the month following their exit as a Designer and NO charges are made. The first charge for the Club Couture subscription happens on the 5th of the month following, giving the former Designer more than a month to cancel the subscription before any charge for the Club Couture subscription is processed.
  • For Canadian Designers, an invitation to join Club Couture is emailed as soon as the Designer transitions. No Club Couture account is created automatically. If a Canadian former Designer elects to enroll using the link provided in the invitation email, they also receive the free Transfer (no paste singles) for the month following their exit. Then, their subscription will charge normally on the 5th of the month following their enrollment.

How will Designer-to-Customer participants be billed for Club Couture?
When the above-outlined process is completed (either automatically in the US or by active enrollment in Canada), the former Designer is considered a Club Couture subscriber. They will have their first billing on the 5th of the month following their “lapsed” month. As an example:

  • Julie does not meet quarterly PV in the first quarter, ending March 31.
  • April 1, she is a former Designer and receives an email notifying her that she is automatically subscribed to Club Couture. She receives a Club Couture Transfer for that month FREE (US only).
  • May 5, if she has not canceled her subscription, she will be billed for Club Couture and shipped the customer pack including the Transfer plus coordinating paste singles.

The former Designer’s first month’s Transfer is free?
Yes, they will not be billed for their first Club Couture shipment. However, they will only receive the Transfer, not the paste (US former Designers only). Former Canadian Designers receive their free Transfer (no paste) if they choose to enroll during the first month after they drop, using the enrollment link provided in their invitation email.

What if a former Designer also wants the paste singles included as part of their free Transfer offer?
Paste singles are not available to add to the free Transfer for departing Designers.

What if I want to cancel the Club Couture subscription?
US former Designers can log in to their Club Couture customer account and cancel their subscription at any time. US former Designers have no 3-month commitment period. Former Canadian Designers that elect to enroll in Club Couture can cancel their Club Couture subscription anytime after their 3-month commitment is completed.

What if former Designers prefer to re-enroll as a Designer after dropping, rather than becoming a Club Couture customer?
We always love to welcome Designers back! Per policy, exiting Designers can re-enroll under the same Sponsor immediately or in three months if they would like to enroll under a different Sponsor.

When Designers exit the company and their account is in a paused status, are they eligible to participate in the Designer-to-Customer Program?
Yes, but they will not receive the one free Transfer. If they are a paused Designer at the end of the quarter, they are eligible for the Designer-to-Customer Program. However, they will only begin participating when they log in and update their Club Couture payment information so they can be successfully billed. Upon updating their information, they’ll be enrolled to receive a Transfer and the three paste singles the following month.

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