FAQ - Designer Exit Process

Being a Chalk Couture™ Designer has many benefits: ordering products at Designer pricing, recruiting new Team members, earning points for incentive trips, earning and using Designer Dollars (DD), and more. Your ability to take advantage of these perks depends on filling baseline criteria. If you can’t meet baseline criteria, you will no longer be considered an “active” Designer, and your status will be changed to D2C/Designer-to-Customer.

Though they relinquish all Designer benefits, former Designers in the US are automatically enrolled as preferred customers in Chalk Couture’s Club Couture™ program.

What does this mean?
Preferred customers receive a FREE Club Couture Transfer (no Chalkology® Paste singles) the month following the end of their Designership, and are automatically subscribed to the Club Couture program (you’re free to cancel the subscription at any time). The ongoing Club Couture subscription is a similar price to the Designer subscription, just $21.99 USD per month ($27.99 CAD), and includes a B-sized Transfer and coordinating paste singles each month. The former Designer’s first charge will not occur until the 5th of the month after the month they move to preferred customer status.

Due to regulations in Canada, Canadian Designers who become D2C/Designer-to-Customer are not automatically enrolled in Club Couture. To participate, D2C Canadian Designers are required to opt in with separate enrollment in Club Couture. They receive a link to enroll via email from Chalk Central soon after the quarterly change has processed.

For more information about the Designer-to-Customer program and specifics about benefits and billing, see the Designer-to-Customer Program FAQ.

What are the requirements to maintain active status?
A Designer retains active status by remitting a minimum of 100PV* per calendar quarter, beginning in the first full quarter after they join the company. For example, a Designer who joins the company on July 12 and a Designer who joins the company on September 28 are both required to meet the minimum 100PV per quarter beginning in the fourth quarter (October 1–December 31), regardless of their PV prior to October 1.

Designers must also remain current on their monthly subscription fees (optional in Canada, Indiana, Minnesota, Hawaii, Maryland, and North Dakota) and be in compliance with all policies to retain active status.

*Please contact the Advisory department with any special circumstances. 

What are “At Risk” notifications?
As the end of each quarter approaches, Chalk Couture will notify Designers who are considered “at risk”—those who have not yet remitted the full 100PV. Notification may come via email or in weekly Designer update emails. Sponsors may reach out to Team members with insufficient quarterly PV to remind them to place qualifying orders. However, awareness and fulfillment of the 100PV minimum is ultimately the responsibility of each Designer, and we encourage you to track your own PV.

An important note: PV may be altered on orders containing Watts of Love® items, business supplies, or orders placed using Designer Dollars. We recommend you check your PV on the order review page when placing an order, or in your Designer Office under “Volumes” to stay up-to-date on your PV.

What is the timing and process of a Designer’s exit?
For insufficient PV in the quarter that just ended, exit happens on the last day of the quarter (at 11:59 pm MT).

If a Designer’s account is suspended and they exit as a Designer, they will be unable to access their Designer Office, place Designer orders, and their Chalk Site will be deactivated.

What happens in the case of outstanding obligations such as subscription fees?
Occasionally, a Designer may exit without being current on their monthly subscription fees. Chalk Couture reserves the right to collect past due balances in the event that there are any unpaid subscription charges.

What happens to the Team of an exiting Designer?
If a Designer exits and has an active Team, their first level will “roll up” to the next eligible Advisor. This is called “compression,” and it occurs following finalization of commissions mid-month.

For example, if a Designer does not meet 100PV for the fourth quarter, they exit on December 31 at 11:59 pm MT. December commissions are finalized on January 15, and the Designer’s Team compresses. The exiting Designer’s Team will roll up to the next Designer in their upline (also known as the Advisor). 

What are the re-enrollment options for a Designer who has exited?
When Designers exit due to inactivity, they may choose to rejoin the company by buying a Perks Pack or by paying the one-time activation fee. (The Perks Pack and Perks Pack Plus are both options when re-enrolling.) If they wish to rejoin under the same Sponsor, they are able to do so at any time. If they wish to select a different Sponsor, they must wait a minimum of 3 months. Both of the periods are the same if a Designer is moved D2C, or voluntarily resigns.

*Chalk Couture limited-time sponsoring promotions may impact re-sign procedures. See specific promotion information for details.

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