FAQ - ChalkCon 2023

What is ChalkCon? Who is invited to attend?
ChalkCon is our biggest event of the year with Designers participating from around the United States and Canada, sharing their love of Chalk Couture. Designers of all titles and activity levels are encouraged to participate—it is two days of pure inspiration, education, and celebration!

When is ChalkCon 2023?
ChalkCon is June 23–24, 2023.

Where is ChalkCon 2023 being held?
ChalkCon will be virtual this year.

Where can I watch ChalkCon?
General sessions and training will stream via Facebook Live in the Designer Studio, and two viewing/participation options (View Only and Premium Ticket) are available. By-invitation events will be held via Zoom—we’ll send an invite. 

What are my viewing options for ChalkCon?

  • View Only
    • The View Only option allows every Designer to watch ChalkCon absolutely free. With this option, you can view any of the sessions live or catch the replays. You can enjoy all of the creative ideas presented, learn from the business classes, attend Chalk Studio Sessions, watch the virtual Awards Gala, and make comments on the show as it happens. 
    • With the View Only option, you do not need to purchase a ticket, but registration is required so that we can contact you with updates about the event!
    • View Only attendees can purchase Chalk Couture swag products. However, this option does not include event registration goodies, the option to submit an entry into the ChalkCon Art Contest, or receive Awards Gala event-year award recognition. 
  • Premium Ticket
    • $79 USD plus sales tax (conversion and fees with CAD) with FREE SHIPPING on all registration goodies coming your way! 
    • The Premium Ticket option allows every Designer access to the full experience of ChalkCon with all the benefits of the View Only option—and more! 
    • In addition to all the free sessions available in the Designer Studio, Premium Ticket holders will receive:
      • Registration swag, including ChalkCon 2023 make-your-own “Catch the Wave” T-shirt and “Wipe Out” journal with a pen, the event-exclusive Beach Blanket Palette Pack (Chalkology® Ink and Paste Singles in convention colors), lanyard, name badge, and recognition ribbons ($75+ USD retail value)
      • Exclusive B-Sized Event Transfer
      • Exclusive A-Sized Event Transfer
      • Exclusive Event Recognition Gift for all registered Master Mentors and above (eligibility required) 
      • Eligibility to order swag logo items (at a separate cost)
      • Eligibility to enter the Art Contest. Winners will receive cash prizes in four categories!
      • Recognition eligibility in the 2023 Event Year Awards Gala
      • Eligibility to enter Watts s of Love Weekend drawing
    • Premium Ticket goodies can be expected to arrive before ChalkCon commences. 

*Registration materials and swag purchases will be mailed to the primary address on file on June 12.

When will the live sessions be streamed?

Friday, June 23
General Session: 10 am–12 pm MT
Studio Sessions: 2–5 pm MT

Saturday, June 24
General Session: 10 am–12 pm MT
Business Class: 2–2:45 pm MT
Business Class: 3–3:45 pm MT
Awards Gala: 7–9 pm MT

What is the theme of this year’s ChalkCon?
This year’s theme is Catch The Wave! We’re ready to ride the tides with you at ChalkCon 2023. Dip your toes into business and creative training, learn, grow, and celebrate with us!

What are color days?
Color days are all part of the fun of ChalkCon! We select colors with a single color “emphasis” per day for everyone to wear. You can wear that color from head to toe, or just a “pop.” Choose a vibrant shade or a mellow hue, as long as it’s the day’s color and as long as it’s YOU! It’s a small but crazy fun way to unify us!

Here are the color days for ChalkCon 2023:

  • Friday = Your ChalkCon 2023 Ringer Tee (Premium Ticket exclusive) OR Bumblebee (yellow, gold, maize)
  • Saturday = Mauvelous (light pink, light purple, mauve, blush, baby pink)

When can I register for ChalkCon?
On Thursday, May 4, we will open registration for ChalkCon to all Designers. 

  • Premium Tickets and swag orders are available from Thursday, May 4, at 9 am MT through Tuesday, May 16, at 11:59 pm MT. 
  • The View Only option will be available Thursday, May 4, at 9 am MT through Friday, June 16, at 11:59 pm MT.

Where do I register for ChalkCon?
Register here: https://chalkcouture.regfox.com/chalkcon-2023-

What information should I be prepared to provide when I register for the event?
To complete your registration, you will need your Designer ID, and credit card information, if applicable. 

Will there be virtual versions of Couturier Night and Master Mentor Celebration?
These in-person events will not be able to be held virtually. All eligible Master Mentors and Couturiers+ who have Premium Tickets will receive an exclusive event gift.  

Is there a possibility that Premium Tickets will sell out?
Yes. There are limited numbers of registration items available. Register early to secure your goodies!

If I register for a Premium Ticket but change my mind, can I request a refund?
Due to the volume of preparation, packing, and unique goodies available for each individual

registrant, Premium Tickets are not refundable nor transferable after you have registered.

Will we get a recap of all content?
Yes! In addition to the replays you can watch at any time, we’ll also provide a recap of event

details and announcements via email and posted on your Designer Office including:

  • All announcements and product information.
  • All prize and contest winners.
  • The Award Gala guide, featuring information on all categories and winners.


What is the Watts of Love donation giveaway?
It’s a fun and creative way to support Watts of Love, our charitable partner bringing light to areas of the world without electricity.

Every Designer registered for the event will have the option to buy artwork giveaway entry tickets (each ticket is $5 USD). We’ll be drawing names for winners of catalog artwork for these awesome prizes—and 100% of the proceeds of ticket sales benefits Watts of Love! 

How do I buy WOL tickets?
Registered attendees can purchase tickets (item WOLCC23) in their Designer Office during June 1–19. Note that this order AND the order confirmation uses a separate process than the other swag items.

Using the separate order allows us to add the donation amounts to your Designer Office Watts of Love tracker, which gets you closer to Lightmaker status! Do not order any additional products with your ticket purchase.

How do the Watts of Love donation giveaway tickets work? 
If you have ordered these tickets for $5 USD each, every ticket you purchased generates a $5 USD donation to Watts of Love as well as adds to your donation tracker (in the event year you order your tickets). 

Additionally, every ticket is an entry into a giveaway. We have curated a selection of incredible art pieces developed by our Chalk Central studio artists and will be giving these away to lucky winners during closing session on June 24. 

Typically, attendees at a live ChalkCon are able to enter drawings for their favorite prizes by dropping their tickets into a box after viewing the artwork. 

Because it is not possible for Designers to view prizes and enter their tickets selectively this year, we will enter all tickets into a single “hat.” We will pull winning tickets for each art piece and announce the winner live during the June 24 session. 

Do WOL tickets count toward my Lightmaker donation totals?
Yes! Each ticket will generate a $5 donation added to your account. The date of the donation will be either May or June (depending on the month you place your order).

What is the Watts of Love Weekend?
Every year, founder Nancy Economou and her Watts of Love team members sponsor a special weekend of chalking fun to help us raise donations! It will be held October 2023. This fun weekend getaway is available to all Lightmakers, and awarded during live drawing (full details to be announced at a later point in time). The trip will include members of the Chalk Couture corporate staff. Days are filled with creativity, camaraderie, and an all-around good time!

How do we enter the drawing for a spot at the weekend event?
Premium Ticket holders that are Lightmakers have the option to buy a weekend entry ticket. Each ticket is $100 USD (item WOL23WEEKEND), You can purchase as many tickets as you would like between June 1-19. Each Designer may win two spots max. If you win a second spot, you can donate it to another Designer to attend the weekend with you. Guest Designer does not have to be a Lightmaker to attend.

Will there be WOL Swag to purchase this year?
Yes, you will have the opportunity to purchase WOL swag during the event days.


What kinds of achievements are recognized at the Awards Gala?
There are SO MANY achievements recognized at the Awards Gala! From sponsoring, to Personal Volume, to Chalk Site sales and building leaders, there really is something to spotlight every strength and standout. We also recognize outstanding volume in different Team sizes in a variety of categories. Additionally, Chalk Couture offers two unique awards at ChalkCon, with winners who are nominated by Designers: Luminary Leader award and Start the Spark award. There is one Luminary Leader winner per year and three Start the Spark winners.

Who is eligible to receive an event-year award at the Awards Gala? 
All Designers who have purchased Premium Tickets are eligible to receive event-year awards and Gala recognition.

What is the Luminary Leader award?
The Luminary Leader award winner is selected based on extraordinary positivity, heart, leadership, vision, and character that is evident to customers, Team members, and Chalk Central, particularly in their interactions with Designer Services. This individual demonstrates persistence with a smile, and radiates a light worthy of being called “luminary.”

What is the Start the Spark award?
The Start the Spark award is given to 3 “firestarters” who glow and go within the first two years of their Designership—starting strong with recruiting, Personal Volume, and positive activity in the community. Winners are selected not only for business performance, but also for their support of others, their genuineness, and their excellence in being a brand ambassador of Chalk Couture values.

How do I nominate someone for an award?
You may nominate one or more Designers for these awards, regardless of whether you register for ChalkCon. Complete the form on the registration site to nominate your favorite superstar today! Nomination deadline is May 21, 2023.

Luminary Leader

  • One award presented.
  • Winner must be a leader, recommended at Master Mentor or above.
  • Winner receives a $3,000 USD cash prize.

Selection criteria: Winner is selected based on extraordinary positivity, heart, leadership, vision, and character that is evident to customers, Team members, and Chalk Central, particularly in their interactions with Designer Services. This individual demonstrates persistence with a smile, and radiates a light worthy of being called “luminary.”

Start the Spark

  • Three awards presented.
  • Start the Spark nominees/winners must have enrolled as Designers no earlier than June 1, 2021. This award recognizes standout growth within a Designer’s first two years.
  • Winners receive a $500 USD cash prize.

Selection criteria: Given to three “firestarters” who glow and go within the first two years of their Designership: starting strong with recruiting, growth in Personal Volume, and positive activity in the community. Winners are selected not only for business performance, but for their support of others, their genuineness, and their excellence in being a brand ambassador of Chalk Couture values.

Should I dress up for the Awards Gala?
Dress as you wish, however we love to celebrate accomplishments with Gala-like fanfare. If you are an award recipient you will be seen live via Zoom and hope you will dress to impress! Chalk Central representatives will be wearing their finest. Let’s get fancy together!

Will I know beforehand if I’m winning an award?
Yes! Designers winning an award will receive an “award recipient” ribbon with their registration materials. Registration materials will also include instructions about what to do during the Awards Gala presentation via Zoom.


What is the ChalkCon Art Contest?
15 finalists (5 per category) will have their artwork displayed in the Designer Studio. Winners will be determined by Designer voting and revealed on Saturday.

How do I enter the Art Contest?
To enter, purchase a Premium Ticket for the event and then email artcontest@chalkcouture.com with two photos of the artwork entry attached. Make sure your entry photos are clear and show off your beautiful pieces to their fullest! No name or other identifying information may be included in the photos, although Designer name and ID number must be included in the body of the email. Please use the subject line: “ChalkCon 2023 Art Contest entry.”

Who is eligible to enter the Art Contest? 
The Art Contest is open only to Designers with a Premium Ticket. 

When is the deadline to submit my entry?
Entries must be received no later than May 31, 2023. 

How will Art Contest judging work?
It is not possible to offer Designer voting during the virtual event. Winners of first and second place will be selected by a panel of judges from Chalk Central. 

All contest entrants will be recognized during the event, and finalists will have photos of their
artwork entries shown during the broadcast. (Make sure your entry photos are awesome and
show off your beautiful pieces to their fullest!) First and second-place contest winners will
have photos of their winning pieces shown, plus will receive either a cash or new product prize,
announced live during the event.

We will include photos of EVERY entry in the Art Contest in an album in the Designer Studio
on Facebook, so everyone can see all the beautiful submissions!

What are the artwork categories?
The categories are as follows:

  1. “Halls & Walls”: A piece of art designed to hang on a wall. Artwork should be on a hard surface of any material or size, including found or created surfaces.
  2. “Accents & Accessories”: Home decor (including tiered trays) that is designed to sit on a mantel, tabletop, shelf, or be free-standing, including small items of furniture or patio décor. Surfaces may include found or heirloom objects. 
  3. “Textiles & Apparel”: Any item made primarily of fabric, included but not limited to quilts, curtains, pillows, wall art, clothing items, bags/totes, etc.

*Designers may suggest a category for their entry, but it is at the discretion of the Chalk Couture judges to assign final categories. 

What rules do I need to know about my submission?

  • Entries must be submitted via email by May 31.
  • One entry maximum per Designer.
  • Entries should include no more than three pieces and must have chalking or inking on the majority of components of the entry. Tiered Trays can include 3+ pieces, however all pieces must be on the tray.

How are finalists chosen?
Five finalists from each category will be chosen from all qualified entries by Chalk Central staff for judging during ChalkCon. 

If I’m a finalist, when will I be notified?
You will be notified by May 31, 2023.

How are winners determined?
Winners will be chosen based on the highest number of votes in the Designer Studio.

What prizes are available?
The first place winner for each category (based on the highest number of votes) will win $300 USD cash. All winners will be recognized during the Awards Gala at ChalkCon.


What swag items are available for ChalkCon 2023?
A pink Chalk crewneck, Chalk Couture fleece hoodie in a blue-green color, and a color-changing tumbler are available for purchase on the ChalkCon 2023 registration site. All swag items are non-commissionable, and will be available while supplies last, through May 16, 2023. 

Can anyone order swag items?
Swag items may only be ordered by those who have registered for ChalkCon with a View Only or Premium Ticket.

How/when do I order swag?
Once you have registered for a ticket, swag items can be ordered from the ChalkCon registration site between May 4–16, 2023.

Where/when will I receive my swag items?
Swag orders will be shipped to the primary address on your account on June 12 . Receipts will be sent via email.


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