FAQ - Designer Début

What is Designer Début?
At Chalk Couture™, we know a strong start builds a healthy long-term Designership, and we want that for you! Start strong and get rewarded for sharing the products and opportunities you have fallen in love with by completing the Designer Début program. The program helps you achieve exciting rewards during your first 90 days with Chalk Couture.

When does the Designer Début program begin?
The program starts on the day you enroll and runs 90 calendar days.

How does the Designer Début program work?
Each tier of our Designer Début program rewards you for selling a set amount of Personal Volume (PV)* during your first 90 days. The program rewards scale with each tier as you achieve the milestones. PV totals for each tier are cumulative, meaning the 400PV required for Tier 1 count towards the 1,000PV requirement in Tier 2.

You can also earn a $100 USD bonus when you hit the title of Mentor during Designer Début!

*Personal Volume (PV). Used to calculate quarterly activity and monthly qualification, as well as to maintain title. PV is always connected to 60% of US retail, regardless of source (Chalk Sites or the Designer Office).

The sales rewards and requirements are as follows:

  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Bonus
Milestone required to reach each tier (over a 90-day period) 400PV 1,000PV 1,800PV Mentor title
  • Fuzzing Cloth
  • Mini Squeegee
  • Multi-Tool
  • Transfer Trimmers
  • Sample Kit (6-Pack)
  • Previously released Color of The Month
  • Ink Mat (11" x 23")
  • Power Punch (6 mm)
  • Angled Squeegee
  • Handled Squeegee
  • Detail Tool
  • Paste Scraper
  • Self Healing Mat
  • Sample Kit (6-Pack)
  • Couture Gallery® Aiden Style White Frame (Black, 9" x 12")
  • Couture Gallery® Aiden Style White Frame (Black, 12" x 18")
  • Couture Gallery® Aiden Style White Frame (Black, 18" x 24")
  • 100 Designer Dollars (DD)**
  • $100 USD bonus paid with commissions on the 15th of the month following the title achievement.

**Designer Dollars (DD). Product credit redeemable only with Chalk Couture. Non-transferrable, expire 60 days after issuance, issued online. Designer Dollars are a form of compensation and are issued at each country’s currency to their dollar.

What if I’m already mid-way through my first 90 days and I just learned about the Designer Début program?
Don’t worry if you’re getting a late start! The program is flexible and will match everyone’s personal goals and commitment. Submit 400PV within the 90-day period and you can earn the Tier 1 rewards. Submit 1,000PV and you’ll earn the Tier 1 and 2 rewards. Submit 1,800PV before your 90 days are up and earn all three rewards!

If I reach Tier 1, but not Tier 2 or Tier 3, do I still get the rewards?
Yes! If you reach Tier 1 in the 90-day period, you will receive the Tier 1 rewards. You will not receive the rewards for Tiers 2 and 3.

How do I earn the $100 bonus?
In order to achieve the title of Mentor for the first time during your Designer Début, you must generate a minimum of the following: 400PV, 3 Personally Sponsored Designers who have reached Qualified Designer title on your Team, and 2,000TV (Team Volume). For more information, view the Compensation Plan Chart document.

When will I receive the rewards I earned?
Your Designer Début reward boxes will be shipped within a week of the date you reached the tier(s). Any Designer Dollars earned will be available for redemption in your Designer Office within one week and are valid for 60 days. Mentor bonuses will be paid with the regular commissions run on the 15th of the month following when the title was achieved. 


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