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As a Chalk Couture™ Independent Designer, you have the amazing opportunity to earn an exclusive, all-inclusive getaway to Mexico’s beloved Mayan Riviera. Check in to the Hotel Xcaret México and adventure away, or stick around and stay because this resort is FULL of incredible experiences and fun opportunities for all. 

Dates & Location 
Hotel Xcaret México
Mayan Riviera, Mexico
February 24–March 1, 2025

Earning Period
March 1–November 30, 2024

Quick Summary
The top 15 Designers who earn at least 22,500 points (AND have a minimum combination of 7,000PSV/PMV) during the 9-month period will qualify for all-inclusive accommodations and airfare credit as follows:

  • 22,500 points = All-inclusive experience for 2 with $500 in “airfare credit” (conditions apply)
  • 30,000 points = All-inclusive experience for 2 with $1,000 in “airfare credit” (conditions apply)

How to Qualify
Trip earners are qualified based on overall points accumulated through Personal Volume (PV), Sponsoring, title achievements and maintenance, plus meeting a minimum threshold of new Personally Sponsored Volume (PSV) and/or new Perks Member Volume (PMV).

  • 1PV = 1 point
  • Sponsoring one new Designer = 500 points
    • The new Designer must enroll during the incentive period, March 1–November 30, 2024, and must remit a minimum of 300PV during the same period. 
    • Sponsoring points are pending through the earning period. The new Designer must also be active through November 30, 2024, with their account in good standing for points to be awarded.
    • Re-enrolling Designers whose previous accounts were closed before 2023 are considered “new”. 
  • Title Promotion and Paid-As Title Maintenance
    • Points are awarded for first-time title promotion* as noted in the table below. Additionally, points are awarded each month a Designer maintains a previously-achieved “paid-as” title as outlined.

* First-time title promotion during the earning period. The starting title is based on your February 2024 title.

  • New Personally-Sponsored Volume Requirement (PSV/PMV)
    • In addition to earning a minimum of 22,500 total points, qualifying Designers must also achieve a minimum threshold of 7,000 in new volume. This requirement can be achieved through any combination of Personally Sponsored Volume (PSV) and/or Perks Member Volume (PMV) remitted during the earning period.
      • A maximum of 2,000PSV from any single new Designer you sponsor during the qualification period applies to the requirement. 
      • A maximum of 1,000PMV from any single new Perks Member you sponsor during the qualification period applies to the requirement.

Note: Personally Sponsored Volume (PSV) is the Personal Volume (PV) of the first-level Team members you sponsor. Although there are no points generated by PSV, this requirement emphasizes the importance of sponsoring and supporting new Level 1 Designers as they learn to sell. PSV remains, even if the L1 Designer terminates during the program (in that event, the 500 points for sponsoring will be deducted from your points total, but any PSV generated from the L1 Designer will apply to this requirement).

Additionally, although a re-enrolled Designer from 2023 or later may not generate sponsoring points, that re-enrolled Designer will generate PSV.

Frequently-Asked Questions

When and where is the all-inclusive reward?
Hotel Xcaret México
Mayan Riviera, Mexico
February 24–March 1, 2025

What is included in the all-inclusive experience?
Earners will enjoy multiple nights in the resort at double occupancy (including taxes and fees), and $500 USD or $1,000 USD  in “airfare credit”, payable via ChalkPay or VISA gift cards, depending on total points earned. Earners will also be treated to a special reception, a kick-off business meeting/networking event, and exclusive gifts. 

What is NOT included with the stay?
Though the resort experience is called “all-inclusive,” earners should prepare and budget for expenses including passports and documentation, travel insurance, additional excursions and activities on-site, items of a personal nature (such as souvenirs), tips for services rendered, and any meals, snacks, and beverages enjoyed off property. Any emergency or medical expenses arising during the event are also at the earner’s expense. Neither Chalk Couture nor our travel partners provide coverage for any cost not explicitly named within this FAQ or other official Chalk Couture communications.

How much “airfare credit” will I earn?
Earners will receive either $500 USD or $1,000 USD in “airfare credit”, payable via ChalkPay or VISA gift cards, depending on their total incentive points earned. In the event that an airline ticket for an earner exceeds their credit, the difference is the responsibility of the Designer. Airfare credits will be allotted to each earner via gift card or ChalkPay upon arrival at the resort. 

If a Designer earns the trip but does not attend for any reason, “airfare credit” is nullified and will not be awarded. The trip nor its associated “airfare credit” have cash value.

How do I arrange airfare?
Designers are responsible for booking their own airfare. This allows earners to select their preferred arrival and departure airports and times, select a preferred airline, and apply any airline rewards points or credits of their own. 

If I earn the trip, can I bring additional guests?
Yes, if resort space and requirements permit, but there is no guarantee of additional occupancy. The Designer is responsible for all additional costs.

After the conclusion of the program earning period, earners will be asked to RSVP and provide information about their intent to bring additional guests and/or extend their stay. Earners’ program rewards include one room at double occupancy only. Chalk Couture cannot guarantee additional availability. We will work to accommodate additional traveler requests, however, it may require that an earner secure a room outside of our contracted room block and incur fees above rates shown on vacation websites. Earners must book travel and off-property excursions independently for additional guests.

Guests of earners may not be current Designers or Designers who have exited the company within 12 months of the travel dates.

How many Designers will earn rewards?
Up to 15 qualifiers will earn the 2025 Incentive Trip via the standard earning program outlined here. Additional rooms will be earned via special incentive trip promotions throughout the earning period (conditions apply). 

Who is eligible to participate in the program?
The incentive Program is open to all Chalk Couture Designers. Designers must be active to qualify and remain an active Designer at the time the trip takes place. To be considered active, the Designer’s account must be in good standing (not paused or suspended for any reason), and there must not be any disciplinary action in progress. Earners who have exited their Designerships after earning rewards will not be eligible to participate. 

Guests of earners may not be current Designers or Designers who have exited the company within 12 months of the travel dates.

Can qualification points be transferred from one Designer to another?
No. Qualification points are non-transferrable.

If I have a Designer roll up to me, will they count as a new personally-sponsored Designer?

If I have a Designer or Perks Member roll up to me, will their volume count towards the PSV/PMV requirement?

When will the final achievers be announced?
Rewards earners will be announced in December 2024, after commissions for November 2024 are finalized, as part of Magnifique Mag.

What if I earn the trip but do not attend? Is there a cash-out option?
There is no cash-out option. The trip and “airfare credit” have no cash value. 

Are there fees for cancellations?
There is a $500 USD cancellation fee, exclusive of any other non-refundable expenses incurred on your behalf (which are included in your annual 1099 earnings). Chalk Couture incurs real costs on behalf of the all-inclusive earners, whether in hotel, gifts, or agency fees, and often these fees cannot be recouped when a Designer does not attend. If on this or a future incentive program, we have more earners than contracted spots, you may literally displace a qualified earner by saying "yes" but then not attending. If you qualify to attend, we ask that you thoughtfully consider your RSVP and say "yes" because you are committed to attending. 

What if an earner is unable to go?
If a Designer who earns the trip is unable to attend, the Designer with the next highest points earned (as long as that Designer meets all requirements as well) is invited to attend based on when the previously qualified Designer exits. If an earning Designer cancels less than 60 days before the date of departure, no additional Designers may be added due to contract limitations and booking. 

Note that if an earner does not attend after submitting their RSVP, booking costs will be included on the earner’s 2025 year-end tax statement provided by Chalk Couture. If an earner RSVPs “yes” but then cancels for any reason thereafter, they are subject to the $500 USD cancellation fee.

What is the value of this reward?
The full value of the Mayan Riviera reward is not available/finalized until closer to the travel date. However, earners will see the full value of their reward as taxable income on their 2025 tax statements provided by Chalk Couture. The reward has no cash value/cash-out value, and earning Designers who RSVP “yes” but do not attend will still receive the value of the reward on their tax documents if tickets/reservations are purchased/made in their name, which are not cancellable.

Do I need a passport?
Yes! Mexico is an international travel location for residents of the United States and Canada. A valid passport will be required for airline travel and entry into the country.

Can I arrive before the designated travel date or stay longer? What if I need special travel arrangements?
Yes. Once you have confirmed and submitted your RSVP for the trip, you can contact the Chalk Couture Events Team (events@chalkcouture.com) with your request for special arrangements. Note that any additional room nights, taxes, etc., will be incurred at the earners’ expense.


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