FAQ - Chalkathon 2024

What is a Chalkathon?
Chalkathons are virtual fundraising extravaganzas to support Watts of Love® (WOL). Chalkathons consist of live product demonstrations, art auctions, interviews, and giveaways, all to benefit the efforts of WOL!

Where/when is Chalk Couture’s Chalkathon 2024?
Chalk Central will host Chalkathon on the Chalk Couture™ corporate Facebook page on Saturday, May 18, 2024. The event will begin at 10 am MT and end at approximately 2 pm MT.

What will be included in Chalk Central’s Chalkathon?
Led by the Watts of Love team, there will be lots of different activities, including the following:

  • Auctions of finished art pieces throughout the day. All items up for auction will be previewed at once, during the first hour—so tune in early to see what will be available for bidding all through the event! (All donations are net proceeds. Shipping is covered on the art piece for each art auction winner.)
  • Project inspiration and product ideas! Join us throughout Chalkathon for special segments where Designers will create projects live.
  • Product giveaways!
  • Interviews with the top-donation-generating Designers from those who host their own Chalkathons (determined by funds raised and remitted May 1–13, 2024).

How can Designers support Chalk Central’s Chalkathon?
There are many things you can do to help support the fundraising efforts of this year’s Chalkathon.

  • Watch, comment, and donate during the event on the Chalk Couture corporate Facebook page.
  • Spread the word! Share Chalk Couture-provided social media images (marketing assets can be found in your Designer Office in Resources Library) with customers, friends, and family. Post info on your business Facebook page, Instagram, and other platforms to invite and encourage everyone you know!

Can Designers hold their own Chalkathons?
Yes! Please do! Designers can host a Chalkathon whenever they want. If you’d like to be featured in Chalk Central’s 2024 event, please host and remit donations between May 1–13, 2024. The top-donation-generating Designers from May 1–13 will be interviewed LIVE on May 18!

You can run your Chalkathon in your closed customer group if you wish to offer personal promotions and deals during your event, or you can run your event on your public business Facebook page if you follow standard policies and procedures.

Want a Watts of Love T-shirt?
This year, WOL has designed a T-shirt for Designers to order and wear during your own Chalkathon, or Chalk Central’s Chalkathon. Order your shirt here. Purchase of the shirt does not count towards your WOL donation total. T-shirt orders will be managed and shipped by WOL.

How are WOL donations submitted during Chalkathon?
All donations are submitted via your Chalk Site or Designer Office.

The Chalk Central event will encourage viewers to place their donations using YOUR Chalk Site. When viewers visit chalkcouture.com, if they are your customers (and have “cookies” to your site, showing you as their Designer in the top right corner), they’ll see the Chalkathon announcement on the home page of our site.

On May 18, 2024, the Chalkathon image on the home page will link directly to the Watts of Love product page, where they can choose to place a $1, $5, $10, $25, or $50 donation by clicking and adding to their cart. They can even create a “custom” amount by mixing and matching the denominations offered.

When a customer checks out with their donation, there is no shipping and no tax—it’s easy! It’s also a secure and sure way to collect donations with no follow-up or invoicing required.

How are art auctions managed?
During Chalkathon live events, we will manage bidding on auction items using comments on the Facebook live. We will then message the winning bidder and instruct them to place their winning bid as a donation on their Designer’s Chalk Site (or in their own Designer Office if the bidder is an active Designer). We record that donation “order”, and the item(s) will be shipped the following week.

How can Designers track donations made under their Designerships?
If you are raising funds with your own Chalkathon, we encourage you to direct your customers to your Chalk Site, just like we’ll be doing on the Chalk Couture corporate Facebook page. Ensure you’re reminding your customers of your Chalk Site address and to check to see your name and photo in the top right corner of the site’s home page—that way, you’ll know the donations are being submitted through you.

When a donation is made using one of the Watts of Love item numbers on your Chalk Site (or your Designer Office, for you), that donation will show within a few minutes in your Watts of Love Donations tracker. Depending how quickly a donor finalizes their auction bid, you may see some delay in the donation(s) showing up in your Watts of Love Donations tracker.

Can Designers join a closed group/event of another Designers if it is for WOL/Chalkathon?

Can Designers watch or participate in other Designers’ live Chalkathons?

Can Designers share other Designers’ live Chalkathons?

Can a Designer auction off their product (to the highest bidder) on their public page during their Chalkathon?
Products cannot be auctioned off, but finished goods can be. Please also do not auction or give away non-Chalk Couture products or represent items or brands that are not Chalk Couture (the one exception to this is if you are using a found surface in a project or as an auction surface).

Can Designers auction retired Transfers for Chalkathon purposes?
No. Please stick with finished goods if you choose to include auctions in your Chalkathon.

Can a Designer auction off their product (to the highest bidder) on their VIP groups during their Chalkathon?

Is Chalk Central doing anything to tally or report Designer-raised donations during Chalkathon
We’ll select the top-donation-generating Designers from those who host their own Chalkathons (determined by funds raised and remitted May 1–13, 2024), to interview LIVE during the Chalk Central event.

There will also be shout-outs to donors across the US and Canada during the event for their generous donations, no matter where they’re watching from.

Where can I learn more about Watts of Love?
To learn more about this extraordinary organization, see the Watts of Love FAQ in your Resources Library or visit wattsoflove.org.


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