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Chalk Couture™ continues to offer inspirational and educational programs to support your Designership! In addition to our LEARN virtual training series, weekly email updates, and monthly ChalkTalk™ lives, the team at Chalk Central provides the following programs for emerging leaders and Couturiers.


Biannual Master Mentor Connection webinars


What is the purpose of Master Mentor Connection webinars?
These webinars are focused on connecting Master Mentor–titled Designers with each other, and with leadership training, insight, and conversation with the executive team from Chalk Central. Together we will discuss important business updates and challenges, address new ideas, find solutions for leader-level concerns, and get to know each other better. 

How often will Master Mentor Connection webinars be held?
Webinars will be held biannually, each spring and fall. 


  • Couturier Day
  • 1:1 calls with Chalk Central Executives
  • Monthly Couturier Connection webinars


What is Couturier Day?
Couturier Day is an annual, daylong seminar and training meeting offered to qualifying Designers and is held the day before Leadership each year. Members of the Chalk Central Leadership team and staff attend the event, where top leaders are invited to participate in high-level discussions about Chalk Couture’s progress and plans for the future, and enjoy an off-site activity and special event.

Who’s invited to attend?
Designers who currently hold the recognition title of Couturier or above may attend. For example, for a January event, eligible attendees must have held the recognition title of Couturier or above for the previous October, November, or December.

What costs are covered for those who attend?
Qualifying Designers attend Couturier Day and Couturer Night activities for free. No lodging or other travel expenses are covered by Chalk Couture.

I qualified to attend Couturier Day but I can’t make it. Am I eligible to receive any gifts or other giveaways provided?
No. Gifts, giveaways, recognition, information, and any other privileges associated with Couturier Day are for attendees only.

I qualified to attend but can’t make it. Can I send a Team member in my place?
No. Invitations are non-transferrable.

I believe I qualified. Will I be notified that I’m eligible to attend the next Couturier Day?
Yes. Invitations will be sent via mail. 


What is Couturier Connection?
Couturier Connection is a live monthly webinar with members of Chalk Central’s executive/leadership team. The webinar format encourages open conversation, providing Couturiers the opportunity to learn company updates, discuss challenges, share concerns and ideas, and brainstorm for the future.

When are the webinars?
Couturier Connection calls take place every third Wednesday of the month at 9 am MT. Calls include Couturiers as well as Executive and Master Couturiers. This schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the group.

How long is the discussion?
Calls last up to an hour as needed.

Who is invited to participate?
Designers who achieve the rank of Couturier or above will be invited to participate in the NEXT month’s Couturier Connection session. For example, Designers who achieved the Couturier title in January are invited to participate in the February webinar. Designers may continue to join these insightful forums as long as they hold the recognition title of Couturier or above.

I believe I qualified. Will I be notified that I’m eligible to participate?
Yes. Monthly invitations with instructions on how to access the webinar will be sent via email.


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