FAQ - Instagram Feed on Chalk Site

What’s the buzz about Instagram on my Chalk Site?
Make your Chalk Site even MORE personal by featuring your own business Instagram feed.

What are the details?
Your Chalk Site can now pull YOUR own business Instagram feed into your home page…but only if you have it set up! The bottom of your Chalk Site home page will show your Instagram handle (by default, it shows @chalk_couture, the Chalk Central account). Your site will display your 12 most recent posts if your account is public. Images will be clickable and take the user directly to your Instagram image or video. If you have fewer than 12 images, it will only display what you have. If you have more than 12, it will display the most recent.

How can I use this feature?
Having an Instagram account to promote your business is smart, easy, and fun—and this is a great way to build your personal Chalk Couture™ brand. Follow the next steps to take full advantage of this Chalk Site feature.

If you already have an Instagram account for your Chalk Couture Independent Designership but it ISN’T in your Designer profile, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Designer Office.
  2. Click on your name in the top right corner of your dashboard. 
  3. Select “Change Settings.”
  4. Scroll down to “Social Media Settings” and click “Edit.”
  5. Add your Instagram account ID (it’s the last one on the list).
  6. Select “Save Changes.”

While you’re there, make sure to upload a photo of yourself to replace the Chalk Couture logo in the “avatar” section, if you haven’t already done so. Add your other social media accounts, from Facebook to YouTube, or even your blog to make it easier for customers to connect with you. And then, take a minute to add a couple of lines about you in the “About Me” section at the bottom of this page—it’s a great way to tell your story and share your passion for Chalk Couture. Remember, customers don’t shop from just companies—they shop from people they know and like.

If you already have an Instagram account for your Chalk Couture Independent Designership and it IS in your Designer profile, you don’t need to do anything! Just keep posting great photos and content to your Instagram account! You’re all set. (But you may want to check into your “Change Settings” page in the Designer Office to ensure your photo, links, and About Me information are exactly as you want them.)

What is the policy for using an Instagram account?
Note that by policy, you may NOT use a personal Instagram account to feed your Chalk Site. You may only use an account that is for your Chalk Couture™ Designership and identifies you as an Independent Designer. Instagram posts must conform to existing social media policy.

Read up on the policy for social media accounts in section 5.6—Social Media Activity.


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