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REVISED 9/1/21

Can a customer purchase products or join as a Designer if they live in another country other than the United States or Canada? 
Chalk Couture™ is currently operating in the United States and Canada (in select provinces). 

Can a customer purchase products or join as a Designer if they live in a US Territory? 
No. Chalk Couture is not set up to do business in US territories. 

How many Designers are in my area? In the company? 
We’re a fast-growing company with Designers in all 50 states and in Canada. We’re privately held, so we do not disclose financials or Designer numbers. 

Can we sell Chalk Couture in a fixed retail location? 
No. We follow the standard party plan business model and do not allow the selling of products in a fixed retail location, with “fixed location” being any physical location lasting more than 14 days or the duration of an expo/public event. A “fixed location” also includes non–Chalk Couture websites. However, we do allow finished projects to be sold in fixed locations, both physical and online (including Etsy, ebay, and external websites). 

What is the $19.99 USD/CAD fee for? 
This covers your “Designer Subscription.” The monthly subscription includes full access to Designer Office, your Chalk Site, the Chalk Shop by Square App, Designer support and training, and the monthly Club Couture™ Transfer, which is automatically mailed to your home each month, as well as two printed catalogs per year. 

Can I cancel any portion to reduce the subscription fee? 
No. None of the components of the monthly subscription program are priced individually, nor may they be separated or cancelled individually.

Is the Designer Subscription required for all Designers?
No. Canadian Designers, and US Designers living in Indiana, Minnesota, Hawaii, Maryland, and North Dakota may opt out of the Designer Subscription if they choose. Those who opt out are considered Designers in good standing, but will not have full access to Designer Office, a Chalk Site, the Chalk Shop by Square App, and will not receive the monthly Club Couture™ Transfer or printed catalogs mailed free. They may also not participate in the Add-In Program for Club Couture, catalogs, or any other marketing promotion that uses the Add-In Program.

Designers not using the Designer Subscription benefits may still order products at 40% off Designer Pricing and sponsor Team members, using a modified account type. If you are an unsubscribed Designer or have a Team member who is, and you have questions about how to place an order or enroll a Team member, contact Designer Services.

All Designers receive the benefits of Designer Subscription for their first month after enrollment, including Designers in Canada, Indiana, Minnesota, Hawaii, Maryland, and North Dakota. Designers in Canada must actively agree to the subscription during their free trial month in order for the benefits to continue.

What is included in the Standard Starter Kit? 
The Standard Starter Kit includes Transfers, paste, tools, and surfaces, among other helpful products. Please see the Starter Kit flyer in your Resources Library for specific information on the current kit. This kit’s contents change regularly to support seasonal trends and stock on hand, but it always delivers a retail value multiple times greater than the price paid.

A Business Basics Starter Kit is also available.

What is the price of the Standard Starter Kit?
This kit option is $99 USD/$127 CAD. (Shipping and taxes not included.)

What is included in the Business Basics Starter Kit?
The Business Basic Starter Kit contains the Designer Start-Up Guide, a current catalog, Designer apron, and one business builder Transfer.

What is the price of the Business Basics Starter Kit?
This kit option is $19 USD; price adjusts monthly in Canada. (Shipping and taxes not included.)

Which Starter Kit should I recommend?
Both the Standard Starter Kit and the Business Basics Starter Kit have perks and benefits. Discuss both options with your potential new Team members and help them pick what works best! 

The Standard Starter Kit includes seasonally-appropriate surfaces, Transfers, tools, and paste valued at approximately $250 USD/$350 CAD. This is a great way for new Designers to start with a curated selection of products most will need, use, and love, especially if they don’t already own any Chalk Couture products.

The Business Basics Starter Kit allows your new Team member the freedom to make their own selection of starter products (rather than receiving the pre-selected products in the Standard Starter Kit); this is great because whatever they choose earns them PV, and they can use their one-time 15% savings. This kit offers full flexibility if they already have Chalk Couture products at home, or can help them build a collection specific to certain workshops, projects, or goals they are gearing up for.

Both kits are excellent options. New Team members can’t go wrong either way!

How long does it take for my kit to arrive? 
Kits typically ship within 1 to 2 business days of a Designer completing online enrollment. Depending on where you are located, kits typically take an additional 5 to 7 days in transit in the US and up to 10 business days in Canada. 

How do I get my 15% off one Designer-priced order? 
When you log in to your Designer Office you will see a 15% off Designer price banner. You can click on the banner when you are ready to order, and your discount is calculated for you. After you order with your discount, the banner will disappear. If products are already in your cart, you can check the box on your final review page and the coupon will be automatically added to your order. Your Personal Volume (PV) credit for this order will be adjusted to reflect this one-time discount.

Can I wait and use my one-time discount on a different order than my first one? 
Yes. You have up to 60 calendar days to use your discount. If you have already applied it to your order, you will see a checkbox that turns your discount on or off. Simply uncheck the box to turn off your discount for the order. 

Can I share my discount or split it across two orders? 
No. Your discount is only for you to use with one purchase.


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