FAQ - Try-Me Kits

What are Try-Me Kits?
Try-Me Kits are an affordable, easy way for your new customers and prospects to experience all the fun of Chalk Couture™—even if they have no chalking supplies on hand. They’ll get to make a complete project in minutes, at a so-nice price—20% off retail!

It’s never been easier to introduce people to Chalk Couture—just send them to your Chalk Site (kits are featured under both “Specials” and “Kits” in your “Shop” category)!

How do I promote these kits?

We have you covered! Visit the Resources Library in your Designer Office to find social media images and ads for the kits. (Swipe down in the app to refresh for new content.)Try creating with Try-Me Kits on your Facebook business page or posting on Instagram to get the word out—remember, this product is all about attracting NEW customers and prospects, so share outside of your usual closed and VIP groups to attract new people.

What’s included in Try-Me Kits?
Each kit typically includes the following:

  • An A-sized Transfer
  • Two Chalkology® Paste Singles
  • Mini Squeegee
  • A perfectly-suited surface (options typically include Board & Base or a Double-Sided Box Frame)

No color or surface substitutions or variations are possible with this program.

How are the kits sold and fulfilled?
Try-Me Kits are only available on your Chalk Site and are featured in “Shop” under both “Specials” and “Kits.” You’ll receive PV based on 60% of US price paid, with 25% deferred commission on USD/CAD price paid. Kits will be shipped directly to your customers.

What’s the value of these kits?
These kits are discounted 20% off retail price. Original retail value is typically in the $20–$30 range. Your customers will save approximately $4–$6 with each kit.

How do the kits benefit my Designership?
Try-Me Kits are meant to support your sales and connection efforts. More than ever, people are looking for creative solutions and complete projects, and ordering online with no-contact delivery is important for many.

These kits allow you to support new contacts who may be interested in becoming your next customer or Team member—without you having to ship from your inventory or deliver items in person.

Customers will receive a thank-you email after placing an order for a Try-Me Kit that will include a link to brief instructions and complete-project photo, as well as a call-to-action to learn more about Chalk Couture, the Designer opportunity, and becoming a customer.

Design. Love. Repeat.™


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