Vendor Event & Expo Checklist


Vendor events and expos are a great way for Designers to find new customers and Team members. Follow these simple policy tips to make your next event a success.

Designer Representing Chalk Couture:

  • As the representing Designer, please register for the event as “Chalk Couture Independent Designer, [Designer name].” This allows for the event coordinator to know the product you are representing.
  • Only one Chalk Couture booth is allowed per event. However, multiple Designers are approved to work the booth. When signing up for a new event, check with the coordinator to ensure another Chalk Couture Designer has not already registered. It is your responsibility (as a registering Designer) to ensure you are the only individual booth representing Chalk Couture products.
  • As a Designer working the Chalk Couture booth, you can demonstrate and sell products, offer paid Create and Takes, take orders, create product bundles, offer in-booth “show specials” of your own creation, and sponsor new Team members.
  • You may sell only Chalk Couture product and finished goods in your Chalk Couture booth. Finished goods can be on any surface type—Chalk Couture or non–Chalk Couture.
  • You may sell kits at the Chalk Couture booth. Kits can include both Chalk Couture and non–Chalk Couture products. If you are planning to separate any of the Chalk Couture products, refer to the Products Approved for Repackaging FAQ. Example: A kit may include a Transfer, paste single, Squeegee, and wood surface. However, a non–Chalk Couture wood surface cannot be sold separately.
  • You can offer a show special. Display a sign that says “Ask me about the show special.”
  • Do not sell non–Chalk Couture products in the booth. Designers can only represent Chalk Couture for the event.

Designer Representing Finished Goods:

  • Do not register as “Chalk Couture” at the event.
  • Sell any finished goods you have created with Chalk Couture™ products; no stand-alone Chalk Couture product is to be sold.
  • You can sell finished goods, made with Chalk Couture or non–Chalk Couture products, alongside any other product you are selling.
  • When selling finished goods, you may display a sign saying, “Select items featuring Chalk Couture products.” This sign may be of your own creation or you can use the “Featuring Chalk Couture” flyer available in the Resources Library of the Designer Office. The sign should be placed near items featuring Chalk Couture products and sized no smaller than 8.5” × 11”; this helps identify the Chalk Couture brand and exclusive designs to shoppers.
  • When you sell a finished good, you can include a business card (even if it includes Chalk Couture information) with the sale.
  • Do NOT demonstrate or sell Chalk Couture products, recruit new Team members, or take orders for Chalk Couture product. If the customer wants to know more about the Chalk Couture products, you must send them to the Chalk Couture booth (if there’s one at the event) or to Chalk Couture’s website.
  • Once you are registered for the event, do not change from one form of vendor to another.

If you have any concerns about another Designer during an event, please remain professional, and contact either your upline or the Chalk Couture Compliance team for assistance.

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