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Club Couture is an exciting opportunity for customers to subscribe and receive an exclusive Chalk Transfer® design and three coordinating Chalkology® Paste Singles every month for just $19.99 USD/$26.99 CAD! This is a great way to keep your customers excited about fresh designs from Chalk Couture™, plus you benefit from the initial purchase and continued monthly commission. The sales also count toward your PV. Keep reading for all the details on this amazing program.


What is included in Club Couture?
Subscribing customers will receive the following:

  • An exclusive B-sized Transfer that is designed to be right on trend, in season, and one of our hottest styles—but that isn’t available ANYWHERE other than Club Couture. Retail value is $14.99 USD/$19.99 CAD.
  • Three coordinating paste singles to help create a darling finished project. Retail value of the paste singles is about $6 USD/$8 CAD. (Customers should always have Bright White paste already on hand, as well as their choice of surface and tools to ensure they’re ready to create!)
  • Access to the how-to video for the project and instruction sheet (printable PDF), emailed to them each month. This makes holding a virtual workshop a breeze!
  • Free shipping on their monthly subscription! (A savings of about $6 USD/$16 CAD!)
  • $5.99 USD/$15.99 CAD flat-rate shipping on all additional Chalk Site orders.
  • Special offers and deals. For example, Club Couture members can occasionally participate in special discounts, bounce back offers, and other secret sales available only to participating subscribers.

What does “exclusive Chalk Transfer® design” mean?
This Transfer design is not sold individually through Chalk Sites, Designer Office, or any other public-facing medium, meaning these designs are only available for Club Couture members.

Do I receive the same Transfer as my customer?
Yes, and all Designers in good standing will receive a free Club Couture B-sized Transfer design as part of their monthly Designer subscription. Unless you participate in our Add-In Program (see the FAQ for details here), your Club Couture Transfer starts shipping on the 1st of the month (or next business day), while your customer’s ships around the 8–10th of the month (dates vary if the date charged falls over a weekend). Depending on where you live, you will likely receive your Transfer a few days ahead of your customer.

Do I receive the same Chalkology Paste Singles as my customer?
No. You will not receive the Chalkology Paste Singles that your Club members receive in their monthly shipment. However, as a Designer, you have the amazing perk of steep discounts on Chalk Couture products through your Designer pricing.

How can my customer subscribe to Club Couture?
Your customer will want to visit your Chalk Site and select the “Club Couture” tab on the top navigation bar; this page allows your customer to enroll in the subscription. Initial enrollment requires a 3-month commitment. The customer will need to provide their credit card information and if the payment is processed successfully, their subscription package will ship within 1 to 2 business days. Their first month’s subscription kit will be shipped following their enrollment. Going forward, they will be billed $19.99 USD/$26.99 CAD on the 5th of each month.

After the initial 3-month commitment, your customer will continue to be billed $19.99 USD/$26.99 CAD per month and may cancel any time. If your customer cancels and wants to re-enroll, they will be required to commit to an additional 3-month enrollment.

For example, if your customer Susie wants to subscribe and joins on your Chalk Site on February 16, her card will be billed on February 16. Her February Club Couture subscription package will then ship within 3 to 5 business days. Her card will automatically be charged again on March 5, April 5, and so forth, as long as she’s a subscriber. If she cancels on June 5, she will be charged for and receive a June kit; she will not be charged for a July subscription and will not receive a Club Couture shipment for July.

What happens if a customer’s credit card is declined for their monthly billing?
If a customer’s credit card is declined, the system will continue to attempt to charge the card three times, after which the subscription is paused and the kit is not sent. The customer will be emailed to update the card on file, and when successfully completed, the subscription will ship. If the customer does not correct the credit card on file by the third month, the customer’s subscription will be canceled. If a customer’s subscription is ever paused or canceled, they will lose all other benefits that come with being part of Club Couture.

Can my customer add anything to their initial subscription purchase?
Yes! Customers can add additional items to their initial purchase and subscription agreement. If they add any other products, they will receive the Club Couture customer flat-rate shipping of $5.99 USD/$15.99 CAD. If they do not add any additional products to their order, their Club Couture subscription will be sent to them with no shipping charge.

Are there specific products I should recommend a new Club Couture customer purchase to supplement the Transfer and paste singles they receive each month? 
Club Couture members are not required to purchase any additional products, but to ensure they have a positive experience chalking, we recommend new customers consider one of our Chalk It Up kits to help them get started. These kits are small collections of products most new customers need, including Squeegees, Board Erasers, and Bright White Chalkology Paste. The contents of Chalk It Up kits vary. Please view your Designer Office for available options.

Chalk It Up kits can be added to a customer’s initial Club Couture order, and will include the Club benefit of flat-rate shipping.

Does the first month count in the 3-month commitment? What if my customer enrolls halfway through the month?
Yes. Club Couture subscriptions are processed the same day and kits are shipped within the next 3 to 5 business days. If your customer joins on February 16, their first month subscription kit will ship right away. They will then be billed on March 5 for their second month and so on.

How much is shipping for Club Couture every month?
Club Couture subscriptions are shipped for FREE!

What happens if my customer wants to become a Designer while they are enrolled in the program?
When a subscribing customer becomes a Designer, their Club Couture subscription will end immediately. Why? Designers receive the Club Couture Transfer design with their monthly Designer subscription, so they win either way. Yay! Designers still have access to the how-to instructions and video in their Resources Library in the Designer Office, and can purchase paste singles at the Designer price in their Designer Office as well.

To transition from a Club Couture subscriber to an independent Designer, they will simply need to log in to their customer account and click “Join”.

What if my customer wants to cancel?
Your customer may cancel any time after the initial 3 months. In this unlikely event, they must cancel before the 5th. Cancellations on or after the 5th of the month are too late to honor for that month’s shipment and the enrollment will end after that shipment.

How does my customer cancel?
If your customer chooses to cancel their enrollment, they can do so by logging in to their Club Couture account on your website. From there, under their account settings, they can click “Club Couture”. At the bottom of the page, if they have completed their 3-month commitment, there will be a “Cancel Subscription” button. If they have not completed their 3-month commitment, this option will not appear.

What happens if a Designer leaves Chalk Couture and has customers signed up for Club Couture?
Club Couture customers will “roll up” to the former Designer’s Advisor (in the month following the effective cancellation date), in much the same way Designer compression works. That adoptive Designer will then continue to receive PV and commission for the ongoing subscription transactions each month.

What PV and commission do I receive for each Club Couture subscriber?
Club Couture is a part of the Chalk Site program, so you receive 25% deferred commission on the price paid by your customer. Every successful $19.99 USD/$26.99 CAD monthly payment generates $5 USD/$6.75 CAD in deferred commission for you.

You also earn PV with each successful billing. PV is based on 60% of the US retail price, so you earn 11.99PV for each customer’s monthly subscription.

What resources are available for me to promote Club Couture?
Chalk Central will provide social media assets and live product demonstrations in both the Designer Studio and Resource Library to help you advertise the program.

Can a Designer subscribe to Club Couture?
As a Designer you can enroll in Club Couture by creating a separate customer account on your Chalk Site. However, there’s really no need. As part of your Designer subscription, you receive the very same Club Couture Transfer design each month. A Designer is allowed to have a Club Couture account, pay the monthly subscription fee, and receive the benefits as though they are ONE customer with ONE account. If a Designer chooses to subscribe to Club Couture, they are expected to act accordingly. For example, a subscriber will typically place no more than 2 orders per month, won’t drop-ship orders to other people or addresses, etc. Orders signaling misuse by a Designer may be grounds to have those orders paused or reversed. Such abuse of promotions may jeopardize the way Chalk Central is able to offer future promotions as well.

Is there a way I can track the number and activity of my customers subscribing to Club Couture?
Yes. In your Designer Office, you’ll find a Club Couture customer list that includes their name, ID, status, email, phone, and join date. You’ll have the option to export with additional information included.

Club Couture subscriptions are also recorded in the “Sales” tab in your Designer Office. They will look similar to website sales, but they will be tagged with “Recurring Order” as the source type.

What are the benefits of having customers subscribed in this program?
Club Couture is designed to drive repeat business for you and to help you build lasting relationships with your customers. Club Couture is something to look forward to; it’s a fun, exclusive offering, conversation starter, workshop idea, and a way to connect. Chalk Central is consistently offering creative ways for you to succeed, and Club Couture is another arrow in your quiver.

Design. Love. Repeat.TM

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