FAQ - Watts of Love Lightmaker Program

Bright is beautiful! In the spirit of encouraging every Designer to participate in fundraising for Watts of Love, we’re offering fun rewards to those who help turn the lights on for the world: it’s our Lightmaker program and YOU can participate!

What is a Lightmaker?
A Lightmaker is a Designer who raises donations to purchase five WOL lights (5 at $50 USD = $250 USD) during the event year (June 1 to May 31).

What do Lightmakers receive?
Along with the warm feeling of doing something genuinely worthwhile, Lightmakers receive a FREE, exclusive WOL Transfer pack with two exclusive Transfers.

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Share your Lightmaker status on social media with an exclusive image and picture badge. Lightmakers will also receive ribbon recognition at ChalkCon.

You’ll receive your two exclusive Transfers in the mail—shipped free—within a month following your reaching $250 USD. These unique designs are fun, functional, and not available for purchase—only earned by our amazing Designers devoted to Watts of Love.

What are the details?
Donations are tracked June 1 to May 31 (event year). This program will be ongoing and, each year, new exclusive Transfers will be designed to reward Designers who achieve “Lightmaker” status.

Lightmakers will also receive recognition at ChalkCon each year.

How do I donate to Watts of Love as part of the Lightmaker program?
It’s important that Designers donate to Watts of Love in ways that Chalk Couture tracks (and that are sanctioned methods by the WOL–Chalk Couture partnership).

You will receive donation credit when you, or your customers, do the following:

  • Order any Watts of Love Transfer from Chalk Couture. We introduce a new B-sized Transfer with each catalog release for this purpose, and you’ll receive credit for a $2 USD donation with each one ordered by you or a customer.
  • Use the WOL donation SKU to make a standalone donation. Have you collected donations at a pop-up shop? Have you auctioned off finished goods to raise money? When you remit donations on behalf of others (or you!), use the WOL donation SKU either in your Designer Office or your Chalk Site. The donation SKUs are available in varying denominations from $1 USD (WOL1) up to $50 USD (WOL50), and every donation made counts toward your Lightmaker total.
  • “Round up” an order to the next nearest dollar—the easiest way to contribute, and encourage your customers to do so as well! Every penny brings a family closer to a solar light of their own, and you to Lightmaker status.
  • Win a Chalk Central Instagram auction or donate through any event-related sanctioned activity (such as auctions or giveaways at convention, etc.), those donations are also included in your approved total.

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