FAQ - Catalogs For Sale

How do I order printed catalogs? What is our Designer cost? 
You can order printed catalogs in 6-packs through the Designer Office! Each 6-pack of catalogs is $12 USD/$16 CAD. 

What is the customer's price? 
Customers can purchase a single copy of the current printed catalog on Designer Chalk Sites. You’ll find them in their own catalog category in the Shop section ($2 USD/$2.66 CAD).

Customer purchases of catalogs are non-commissionable and do not generate Personal Volume (PV).

How can I incorporate the catalog to build my Designership? 
We recommend keeping catalogs on hand at all times. They’re great to have in the car so you can share products in casual conversations and at a moment’s notice. We also suggest providing catalogs at all your workshops and sales events. 

At small sales events: 

  • Give hosts a copy of the catalog as a thank you for hosting, and for inspiration for their Chalk Couture™ Wish List. 
  • Encourage your host to share a catalog with their local friends and family so they can start to make their shopping list. 
  • Have a catalog or two on hand at the event so guests can check out the entire product line—not just the amazing projects you brought as samples. 

At workshops: 

  • Guests attending workshops and other Create & Take events are sure to love their experience and will want to purchase additional Transfers they can use on their new Chalk Couture™ surface. Consider having a few on hand for customers to shop after their projects are done. 
  • Use catalogs as a thank you for customers who helped organize the workshop and as an incentive/reward for attendees to schedule their own class. If an attendee picks an open date on your calendar and books her date before leaving, perhaps she gets to take a catalog for free. 

At vendor events: 

  • Catalogs are great additions to your product displays. Keep a few on hand for people to browse, but keep them close to the check out area so you can help answer questions and keep the catalogs from walking away. 
  • Consider adding a catalog to a higher-priced product bundle or as a gift with orders over a certain dollar amount. (We recommend $100 as a good starting point.) 

Will I be charged tax on my catalog purchase? 
Yes. Both Designers and customers will be charged tax on the purchase price paid. 

Will I receive commissions when I purchase catalogs in the Designer Office? 
No, catalogs are supply items and, as such, are not eligible for commission. 

Will I receive commissions when my customers purchase catalogs on my Chalk Site?
No, catalogs are supply items and, as such, are not eligible for commission. 

Am I allowed to resell the catalog?
Yes. You may purchase catalogs in 6-packs from your Designer Office and resell them at your cost to customers. The catalog is still a non-commissionable supply item, and it can still be given away, of course, but you now have the added flexibility to choose to charge for the catalog.

Will the catalogs run out? 
Though we cannot guarantee printed catalogs are always available for purchase, we print great quantities and may do a mid-season reprint to keep catalogs in stock as long as possible through its lifecycle. To ensure you get the quantity you want, we do encourage you to order early. Additionally, as catalog shipping is determined by weight, we recommend you order in bulk—it is not effective shipping-wise to order a pack or two as you need them, but rather, we recommend ordering the quantity you estimate needing for the entire catalog cycle. If you need a smaller number of catalogs, to reduce your shipping cost per pound, you may wish to combine your catalog pack order with other Designers (and have one Designer place a group order) OR to add inventory items to your catalog pack order. 

Will I continue to receive a free catalog? 
As a part of the Designer Subscription program, a free catalog will be included with orders based on the Add-In Program window or with Club Couture™ shipments as usual, in the Transfer mailing immediately following the end of the Add-In Program window. Club Couture members also receive a complimentary copy of each printed catalog with their Club shipment following the collection’s release. 

Will a catalog continue to be included in each Starter Kit? 
Yes. The current printed catalog will be included in each Starter Kit as per usual. The new catalog will be included in the Starter Kit beginning with the first of the month that a catalog is released, unless specifically stated otherwise. 

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