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Get prepping for your soirée!

To get you started with your invitation, copy and paste this example into your email. Make it your own by editing any of the text, and send it to all your friends and family with the photo I’ve included. It’s sure to get them curious and excited about your event!

Home décor is in the house!

The hottest trend in DIY home décor will be in [my living room]! Come and see what all the chalk is about at my open-house event.

Date: [Date]
Time: [Any time between 00:00 pm to 00:00 pm]
Location: [Address]

Show up when you can and come and go as you please, but save the date for a [morning/afternoon/evening] of decoration, inspiration, and innovation! Whether you’re an artist or an ameteur, join me for a truly unique DIY experience in beautiful home décor.

[Your Name]


Use the photo below to help personalize your invitation.


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