Welcome to week 3 of your Designership! We’ve covered getting started and getting connected—now we’re talking cash! Our topic for this week is Chalk Couture™ Designer compensation.

Getting Paid
As a Chalk Couture Designer you are eligible to earn Designer Dollars (Chalk Couture product credit) and up to 40% commission on all the products you sell! Join Angie Pedersen, Director of Field Relations, to learn how.

Here are a few commission terms you’ll need to know:

  • Personal Volume (PV): The value assigned to every product you order for your own use, for resale, or from your Chalk Site. This is typically 60% of US retail value, unless indicated otherwise. A minimum of 100PV is required each calendar quarter to remain a Designer.
  • Designer Dollars (DD): Chalk Couture’s version of product credit that can be used to purchase any products you choose. Designer Dollars expire 60 days after they are awarded.
  • Commission: Payments you earn from the products you buy or sell. 
  1. You earn 40% instant commission when you buy products at your Designer Price and sell them at full retail. 
  2. You earn 25% deferred commission when you refer customers to your Chalk Site and they place an order. 

For more information on these terms and all the additional ways you can earn, check out the full Compensation Plan here.

Designer Début 
The Designer Début program helps you achieve exciting rewards during your first full three months with Chalk Couture; during this time, you can earn bonus Designer Dollars to be redeemed toward FREE products and supplies. Click here to see how.

There are three phases in the Designer Début program, but for now, you only need to focus on Phase 1. You can earn 20 bonus Designer Dollars for submitting just 400PV before the end of your first full month as a Designer! Count the modified PV earned from your 15% off order, then make a plan to sell the rest before the deadline.


Happy Chalking!™ 
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Need help or information?
We are happy to help you with any questions you have! You can reach our Designer Services department from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm MT, Monday through Friday.


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