It’s week 6! You’re a pro! 

Over the past several weeks we’ve covered the basics of being a Designer, suggested multiple ways you can share and sell, and outlined all the ways Chalk Couture™ rewards you for building your Designership. You’ve likely also created your own business Facebook page, started a customer VIP group, created several amazing projects, and held a hands-on experience for your friends and family. Congratulations! You’re on the road to amazing success!

This week in Bonjour, we’ll say goodbye—and hello. Keep reading to discover all the ways you can continue to stay connected to your friends here at Chalk Central. 

Events and Incentives 
Typically three or four major Chalk Couture events happen each year, and believe us, you won’t want to miss a single one! These are the best way to connect with the chalk community locally and to enjoy meeting the team at Chalk Central—right where you are.

During Couture Tours, the Leadership Team from Chalk Central visits cities near and far, with product inspiration, new announcements, training, and fun projects that feature a sneak peek of products yet to be released.

In early summer, Chalk Couture Designers converge for an amazing weekend of fun and folly at an all-out convention we call ChalkCon. At the big event we reveal new products and programs, offer business classes, create networking opportunities, recognize top achievements, and live, laugh, and love every single minute.

Typically held in a sunny spot each January, Leadership weekend is for Designers who have achieved the title of Mentor or above. We focus on fun, and offer training on Team building, communications, and success strategies in sales and recruiting. 

Chalk Couture Incentive Trips and Getaways vary from year to year and have included luxury destinations such as Cancun, Maui, and Puerto Vallarta. Trips are available to Designers at all levels and are earned based on consistent sales and Team building. For more information on events and incentive trips and to learn how you can get on board, read the FAQ here.

Watts of Love® Charitable Partner Program 
Chalk Couture is blessed to partner with Watts of Love, a 503(c) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing light to people who need it most. Watts of Love (WOL) delivers solar lights that lengthen the work day, eliminate the need for kerosene fuel, and provide security for poverty-stricken families all around the world.

Supporting a charitable partner helps to strengthen customer loyalty and unites our unique community. In this quick video, CEO Kristine Widtfeldt shows you how.

Keep going! 
Keep creating and growing and sharing your passion for Chalk Couture. Our incredible community is so much more than just paste and Transfers, and YOU are a big part of why. No matter how you define success or what incredible goals you’ve set for yourself, you can achieve it all. We’re always here to help.

Here’s to the future!
Chalk Central


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