Read Me - Product Release and Catalog Strategy

How often will new products be released?

We have created multiple product-release windows during the year. Consistent release windows create the balance between product stability for you and freshness for your customers.

The excitement is kept high because something new is always on the way!

General release windows are as follows:

  • Spring/Summer Collection—released in February 
  • Celebrations Suite—released in April
  • Autumn/Winter Collection—released in July
  • Holiday Suite—released in September

“Collections” are larger releases that include many Transfers, extensions of current product lines, and even new innovations. “Suites” are intended to be smaller, seasonal releases focused on a handful of new Transfer designs that complement the season at hand (e.g., camping, travel, summer holidays in the Celebrations Suite; winter and additional holiday designs in the Holiday Suite). Occasionally, new products are introduced in Suite releases as well. With this schedule, you and your customers can count on new products several times each year!

Chalk Couture also releases a new B-sized Chalk Transferdesign monthly for Designers and Club Couture subscribers.

How will Chalk Couture announce the new products?

“Collections” (our larger, more diverse product releases) are revealed at events—Leadership and ChalkCon, specifically. Events are the perfect launchpad, because Designers can experience products (as part of their registration) at Take & Creates, in business classes, in our Art Gallery, and even leave the event with prizes and giveaways of product, plus information on sales tips, cross-selling, and pricing that prepare them well for the selling season ahead. It’s just one more reason you want to attend Leadership and ChalkCon!

In addition to live in-person events, both Collections and Suites are supported by virtual events in the Chalk Couture Designer Studio Facebook group. These events are called “Launch Love Live” and typically take place a week or so before a new release officially launches. Launch Love Live events include an in-depth look at new products, product demonstrations from our incredible Designers and Chalk Central, and training on how to best use the new products and on product innovations to support your sales and sponsoring. 

Each release is supported by a catalog or mini-catalog to showcase the products and sample projects made with the various designs. Catalogs supporting new collections are printed, and they are available to purchase on your Chalk Sites and in the Designer Office. (Note: You will automatically receive one free printed copy.) The smaller “Suites” feature a mini-catalog viewable online and are announced via the weekly email. Both Collection and Suite releases are accompanied by supporting training videos, documentation, and Chalk Talk webisodes to help Designers stay current on techniques and business practices for all product.

How do I get more copies of the catalog?

You can purchase full-color printed catalogs for Collections, in packs of 6

($12 USD/$15.99 CAD). Printed catalogs are not offered for Suites; Suites are web only. Add catalog packs to your product order in your Designer Office. (Note: You will automatically receive one free printed copy upon each catalog’s release.)

How can my customers purchase their own copy of the catalog?

Customers can purchase a single copy of the current printed catalog on Designer Chalk Sites. They’ll find them in their own catalog category in the Shop section ($2 USD/$2.66 CAD). Club Couture members automatically receive a free printed copy of each new catalog (February & July) as part of their subscription benefits. 

Will I have an opportunity to buy products before they are released to customers?

Chalk Couture will post an online version of the catalog a few days ahead of the product release only for Designers to “preview” products, prepare their sales plans, and plan projects to strengthen the sales season ahead. There may be occasional opportunities for Designers to pre-purchase new product collections as well; watch the weekly Designer update email for specific pre-purchase opportunities with each new product release. 

How often will products retire? How will we know when a product is retiring?

Stay current on product availability and planned retirement by checking the Product List and Retired List; both are updated each business day in your Resources Library, with a link to the most recent included in your weekly update email.

We have two general categories of Transfer designs: “evergreen” and “seasonal.” Evergreen designs include more timeless sentiments and themes of subjects like love, family, or home, which naturally gives them a longer catalog life. We plan these designs to last two to four cycles (with a cycle being one 6-month collections catalog, an evergreen Transfer design’s target life is 1 to 2 years, based on popularity.) Seasonal Transfers include very specific holiday messages, a trendy sentiment, or a niche design that may have a smaller market. We plan these to last only for their one launch cycle (6 months, or in some cases, just for the life of their Suite release, which is 4 months). Keeping some product life spans shorter allows us to cycle in new designs more easily and quickly, rotating fresh new looks. By keeping some designs longer term, we provide an important balance for Chalk Couture and your personal Designership.

Occasionally we may have seasonal Transfers that are in stock even when their “season”

ends (like having Halloween designs on hand in November, for example). These designs are on “pause” status, meaning they are not available to order by Designers or visible to customers when they are off season, but will return to availability in their respective season—by keeping them “boxed” like your Christmas tree in the attic during July, it makes it all the more fun to take them out again when the season returns.

Chalk Couture is consistently releasing new products and refreshing ongoing themes.

We don’t encourage you to stockpile products (even designs that you love!) when they retire. Even if a retiring product is discounted, we encourage you to buy only what you believe you can sell in the coming 30 days.

How are the products organized in the catalog?

Products are organized by type, including ChalkologyTM Paste, ChalkologyTM Ink, Chalk TransferTM designs, Surfaces, and Accessories.

I see that some current products available on my Chalk Site and in the Designer Office are not included in the catalog. Why not?

Your Chalk Site and the Designer Office include both new and ongoing products (we refer to these as “carry-over” because they are being carried over from a past release) that have the highest, strongest levels of inventory and strongest sales. Products shown in a catalog have the highest likelihood of remaining in stock or qualify for reorder when needed during the 6-month life of the catalog. If a currently live product online is not shown in the catalog, it is still a great product and may have several months of inventory on hand. However, if an online item is not shown in a catalog, it signals that it will not be reordered and/or has limited inventory remaining. Items featured in the “Last Chance” category of Chalk Sites are nearly out of inventory and ready to retire. Again, to check availability levels on all products, refer to the Product List in your Designer Office Resources Library and in every weekly update email.

Will there be photos of every new product in the catalog, or just highlights?

Yes! All new releases of Transfers, surfaces, and accessories will be shown in the catalog. We also include at least one project photo per Transfer design for inspiration.

Can I post the catalog to my social media?

You can share the catalog in whole or in part in any way you choose—you may download a catalog spread, clip an image, print the entire publication, include a link to the PDF in an email, etc. As you work with the catalog, ensure you are in compliance with Chalk Couture policies regarding the creation and distribution of logo, advertising, promotions, and use of trademarks!

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