FAQ - 15% Off One-Time Discount

What is it?

We know the first thing new Designers need is supplies! To help you get started, new Designers can take advantage of a 15% off one-time discount when placing an order.

What is the discount based on?

The 15% off discount is based on Designer pricing—so you can take an additional 15% off your 40% off pricing!

What should I order with my discount?

We recommend you think about how you want to build your Designership and then decide what to purchase with the discount. You will want to order products that support your focus (virtual sales events, workshops, finished goods, etc.), as well as have a good variety of products to demonstrate and display.

One of the best ways to use your discount is to invest in product samples that you can share with customers, and on basic tools you will need to support workshops and product demonstrations. Everyday use items like the Multi-Tool, the Fuzzing Cloth, Mini Squeegees, and Board Erasers are always good to have on hand. You’ll also want to purchase a selection of Chalkology™ Paste to use on your personal projects, and for workshops and project demos and Transfers that will support the upcoming season. 

To help decide which products to invest in first, check out our recommended “getting started” shopping lists to use as reference. 

Are all items eligible?

All commissionable products (excluding Watts of Love Transfers) are eligible for your one-time discount. Supply items (catalogs, postcards, items ordered from Vistaprint, etc.) are not eligible.

Does it expire?

Yes, you have 60 days following enrollment to use your discount.

How do I use my discount?

You can apply it to your order anytime within 60 days by clicking the coral box at the top of your Designer Office, or by applying the discount at the time of checkout.

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