Bonjour Week 2 - READY, SET, LAUNCH

Bonjour !

Have we told you how happy we are that you’ve joined us? 

Last week we introduced you to your Designer Office and covered some ways you can get connected with our incredible community. We also encouraged you to start thinking about using your one-time 15% discount. This week we’ll show you how to use it!

As a Designer, you will be rewarded for sharing Chalk Couture™ products and programs with others, so let’s dive in for a few fun ways you can announce that you’re now in business.

Me & Three Workshop
The most fun and friendly way to learn the ropes of Chalk Workshops is by hosting a few Me & Three Workshops. They’re simple! Invite three close friends over and make a quick project together. For specific suggestions and workshop details, click here.

Take Advantage of Your One-Time 15% Discount*! 
Now that you’ve got a launch plan let’s take another look at your 15% discount order opportunity. As a Designer your orders are already 40% off retail. With this offer you can enjoy an additional 15% off one entire order!

If you’re interested in having a few Me & Three Workshops or would rather have a bigger variety of items to sell and showcase on hand, here's another look at our list of first-order recommendations. 

*Your one-time discount is for an additional 15% off Designer Pricing. To use your discount, click the coral-colored box at the top of your Designer Office dashboard. The coupon expires 60 days after your enrollment.

Unbox Your Starter Kit Live!
Who says you need lots of products to get started? You can announce your new venture on social media the day your Starter Kit arrives. (Or, if you’re on board with a Business Basics Kit, start right where you are—with YOU!) Hop on your Facebook page, push the Live Video option, and open up your heart for all your followers to see! Tell them why you love Chalk Couture, why they’ll love Chalk Couture, and share those amazing products when you have them.

We’re cheering you on!
Chalk Central

Need help or information?
We are happy to help you with any questions you have! You can reach our Designer Services department from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm MT, Monday through Friday.


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