Bonjour Week 4 - STOP, DROP, AND SELL


We hope you’re off to a super and successful start! 

Now that you are officially launched and have your sights set on achieving Designer Début, let’s join Chalk Couture™ Cofounder and Director of Business Intelligence, Sarah Newbold, for a look at some simple strategies for selling. 

Best Ways to Sell 
As Sarah said, Designers make money with Chalk Couture in a whole host of interesting ways. Below is a quick review of your top options:

  • One-to-One: Your enthusiasm is contagious! Talk to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and social network about Chalk Couture. Invite them to follow you online, join your local Pop-Up Shops, and visit you at vendor events and craft fairs. 
  • Your Chalk Site: Your Chalk Couture website is at work 24/7, so make sure to share your personal web address with everyone! 
  • Workshops and Classes: Holding workshops and classes (both live and online) is a fun way to attract new customers. You can pre-select a project everyone completes as a group, or allow attendees to choose from two or three different options. (Check out the sales courses in the LEARN section of your Resources Library for more info about how to work it with workshops.)

Check Out Chalk Shop by Square 
Chalk Shop by Square is a super handy point of sales tracking and payment app that will allow you to manage your product inventory, process customer orders, sell bundles and finished goods, send invoices, and charge workshop fees in a snap. There’s nothing saleswise this amazing app won’t do! Learn more about the features and benefits you get for free in our in-depth FAQ, or visit and click “Get Started” to create your own account.

Catch Up On Club Couture™ 
Club Couture is an amazing Chalk Couture–sponsored VIP program that allows your customers to get exclusive, limited-edition Transfers and coordinating paste singles—automatically—shipped to them, each and every month! It’s the perfect program to share with people who love to create, and a simple and easy way for you to enjoy recurring sales. Learn more about Club Couture by visiting the FAQ.

You've got this!
Chalk Central

Chalk Couture’s Policies and Procedures ensure a level playing field for all Designers and protect the company’s brand. Here are a few sales policies Designers ask about most:

Can I sell out of a store?
No. You may not sell products in a “fixed location,” which includes retail stores and websites other than your Chalk Site.

Can I promote Chalk Couture as part of another business I have?
No, policies require that you separate Chalk Couture from other business interests, including on social media. However, you can always share within your Chalk Couture business projects that include non–Chalk Couture items. For example, you could include non–Chalk Couture products if you’re doing Facebook Lives, creating videos, or posting photos of projects. Just keep the focus on Chalk Couture items in your comments.

How much should I buy at once?
You’re encouraged to place orders for products to sell at pop-up shops, vendor events, workshops, and so forth, but only for the amount of product you believe you can reasonably sell within the coming month. (For more information, reference “Excess Inventory” and “Bonus Buying” in Policies and Procedures, Section 6.2.)

We’re rooting for you!
Chalk Central

Need help or information?
We are happy to help you with any questions you have! You can reach our Designer Services department from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm MT, Monday through Friday.


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