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How often does Chalk Couture™ host events?
Getting together with Designers is one of the joys of our Chalk Couture™ family. Events occur throughout the year, normally every three to four months. These events include Leadership, ChalkCon, incentive trips, and Couture Tours. Please read below for a synopsis of each type of event.


What is Leadership? Who is invited to attend?
Leadership is an event for Designers who hold a current title of Mentor or above. It’s the perfect way to kick off your new year and create a strategy to grow your Designership. You will hear from Chalk Central’s Leadership team and fellow Designers who share their insights and successes in innovation, business building, creativity, and sales. Chalk Couture also announces new product releases and typically reveals the Spring/Summer Collection catalog. Attendees participate in fun activities and Create & Takes using the new products. A Couturier Day and Evening features meetings, dinner, and entertainment for qualified attendees. Everyone benefits from socializing and getting to know other Designers who have similar passions!

When will the 2022 Leadership be held?
Leadership 2022 was held January 21–22, 2022, at the M Resort Spa & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Couturier Day was January 20, by invitation.

What is the latest month I can advance to a qualified title to attend Leadership?
You can qualify as early as July 2021 while the last month to qualify based on title advancement is November (finalized by December 15, 2021). Registration closes shortly after November title promotions are finalized, so no December promotions count toward registration eligibility; the event is held mid-January, so December promotions will not be finalized. If you advance to Couturier as late as December, and you have already registered for Leadership, you will be invited to attend Couturier activities on January 20 (pending completion of the standard title audit). Title audits are typically completed by the 15th but are accelerated for Couturier eligibility. You MUST hold Couturier title or above as of January 2022 to attend Couturier activities. If you have dropped below Couturier title as of the fourth quarter, you may not attend Couturier activities.


What is ChalkCon? Who is invited to attend?
ChalkCon is our biggest event of the year with Designers coming from around the United States and Canada to rally in their love of Chalk Couture. Designers of all titles and activity levels are encouraged to attend—it is two days of pure inspiration, education, and celebration!

When will the 2022 ChalkCon be held?
The following outlines the event:

  • ChalkCon is Friday and Saturday, July 8 and 9, 2022, at the beautiful Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Denver, CO. Room rates and registration information will be available Spring 2022.
  • Couturier Night is Thursday, July 7, and will feature dinner and activities for invited qualified Designers.
  • Leader Premiere will be held on Thursday, July 7, and includes business training exclusively for those holding the recognition title of Mentor or above (as of May 31) and precedes convention.

We encourage you to save the dates NOW! Registration opens in April 2022 and is first come, first served.

What’s included in ChalkCon?
More energy, entertainment, and education than you can imagine, all packed into two days! The event runs Friday and Saturday and includes general sessions, business classes, Create & Take products, an Art Gallery, an Awards Gala, plus many recognition events, including our Couturier Night and Master Mentor Celebration lunch.

We will also unveil our Autumn/Winter Collection. Attendees receive new products, have the chance to win prizes, participate in fun activities with other Designers, and socialize. Typically, at least one meal is included with registration.

Qualified Designers may attend Leader Premiere for no additional registration fee.

How much will it cost to register for ChalkCon?
ChalkCon registration fee is one of the best deals around and may vary year to year depending on the location. It’s typically under $300 USD to register. (This does not include any personal costs, such as transportation or hotel, although Chalk Couture always negotiates a compelling room rate with our host hotel.)

When will registration begin for ChalkCon? 
Registration will open in April 2022.


What is an incentive trip?
An incentive trip is one of the best rewards of being a top-performing Designer! At the discretion of Chalk Central, we’ll offer incentive trips to amazing destinations around the world—both land and cruise options. Depending on the program, awards may include full transportation (airfare and ground), luxury accommodations, optional activities and excursions, plus gifts galore and lots of time to eat, relax, and celebrate with your fellow Designer achievers and friends from Chalk Central. Every incentive trip is different, but each trip is pampering and vacationing at its very best!

Who is eligible to go on the incentive trips?
All Designers are eligible to earn the trip. Always introduced in plenty of time to earn it, each incentive trip has specific requirements to qualify. Incentive trip earners must be active at the time of the travel redemption and meet all eligibility requirements to participate and travel. Incentive trips are not transferable. Some programs may include options for the incentive trip earner to bring a guest (often called a “plus one”). The guest must also meet travel eligibility requirements.

What’s the length of an incentive trip program?
The length and value of incentive trip programs vary. Earning periods may last a few months or up to a year. Whether you’re an experienced Designer or new to Chalk Couture, you can jump into an incentive trip program and set your sights on becoming an earner!

Where are the details for the trip this year?
Please visit your Resources Library for a FAQ directly related to each trip.



What is a Couture Tour?
A Couture Tour event is an evening filled with creative business inspiration along with a Create & Take, prizes, and fun! Each one lasts approximately 2½ to 3 hours and is held in a local hotel meeting room. Couture Tours are coming to a city near you, and we can’t wait to see you there! Come meet fab faces from Chalk Central plus great Chalk Couture leaders and friends!

How often will there be Couture Tours?
Chalk Central typically holds Couture Tours at least once per year. We choose various times and locations based on growth in an area, current Designer counts, recency of our last tour visit, and proximity to Couturiers.

The Couture Tours 2022 schedule was announced at Leadership 2022 as follows:

  • Monday, April 4—Dallas, TX
  • Tuesday, April 5—San Diego, CA
  • Wednesday, April 6—Seattle, WA
  • Thursday, April 7—Sacramento, CA
  • Monday, April 11—Philadelphia, PA
  • Tuesday, April 12—Chicago, IL
  • Wednesday, April 13—Cincinnati, OH

What is the registration fee and what does it include?
A Couture Tour event is an affordable, fun night out. Registration fees may vary, but are typically under $50 USD. The registration fee of future events depends on the venue, program inclusions, and projects offered. Please stay tuned for more information regarding Couture Tours.

When will registration for Couture Tours be open?
Registration will be open from the end of February through March 16, 2022.

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