FAQ - Pinners Conference 2022

What is Pinners Conference?
“Pinners” is two great events in one: it’s a conference featuring over 100 creative classes, and it’s also a show with 300+ top businesses providing beautiful offerings in DIY, crafts, cooking, self-improvement, beauty, and all sorts of other great interests. Chalk Couture™ will be featured at Pinners Conferences this year!

Why does Chalk Couture attend Pinners Conference?
Our goal is to present an amazing Chalk Couture brand experience for attendees by showing and selling our products, teaching classes, and generally sharing our awesomeness. Chalk Central is making an investment in Pinners as an advertising opportunity for the brand. Although products will be sold and workshop classes offered, all credit for sales will be attributed to Designers (see below for more information on Designer participation).

Where are the events held?
Events are scheduled to be held in the following cities across the United States (check pinnersconference.com for up-to-date information on show schedules or cancellations):

  • Overland Park, KS: Feb 4–5, 2022
  • Atlanta, GA: March 11–12, 2022
  • Boise, ID: April 22–23, 2022
  • Pomona, CA: Aug 26–27, 2022
  • Fort Worth, TX: Sept 30–Oct 1, 2022
  • Indianapolis, IN: Oct 7–8, 2022
  • Salt Lake City, UT: Nov 4–5, 2022
  • Scottsdale, AZ: Nov 11–12, 2022

What does Chalk Couture do at Pinners?
We’ll have a booth and also offer creative classes. We’ll have a full 20’ × 20’ booth set up with products, demonstrations, and Create & Take opportunities. We will hold two interactive and hands-on classes which will be taught by the Designers attending the event.

Workshop classes will be offered to attendees so they get to experience the products in person and go home with a completed project. Although all are welcome to attend, the purpose of these classes is to introduce new customers to Chalk Couture—they are not necessarily for Designers.

How will it help my Designership?
Increased awareness of Chalk Couture, our mission, and our products can positively impact you regardless of whether you attend or participate in the conference. Chalk Central is investing in Pinners Conference because their audience aligns with our target demographic. Reaching new people (or reaching people in new ways) will help draw more customers and potential Team members to you, the Designers. Be sure to share information about these events with all your customers so they can be sure to attend whenever possible.

How can I participate at Pinners in the Chalk Couture booth?
Chalk Central has limited space for Designers to work the event (booth setup, tear down, and staffing during show hours). Interested and eligible Designers will need to fill out an application with Chalk Couture to participate. (An email with the link to the application will be sent to those eligible.) Chalk Central will select an average of six to eight Designers for each show to attend and help staff the booth. To be eligible to participate, Designers must apply, be accepted, meet and agree to the following criteria:

  • Recruit two or more people in the previous three months before applying. 
  • Remit an average of 600PV per month for the previous three months.
  • Agree to Chalk Couture Pinners Conference terms.
  • Apply to participate at the event.
  • Receive no override commissions from sales or cash in pockets from participating.
  • Receive evenly divided PV credit for all event sales to be calculated by Chalk Couture and applied to the participating Designer’s activity for the month of the event. (Conditions apply).
  • Retain personal sponsorships or recruits as a result of the show (these are on a per-Designer basis, and not divided equally).
  • Follow a rotation schedule as provided by corporate, with approximately 8–12 hours worked during the show hours, plus hours on Thursday for setup and VIP night and Saturday post-show for booth tear down. 
  • Be available for booth setup and tear down (see above).
  • Be responsible for their own travel, room and board, and food costs.

How can I participate at Pinners if I’m not working at the Chalk Couture booth?
If you’re within range of a host city, attending Pinners may be an adventure for you! You can browse booths and enjoy all the wonders the event has to offer. Take classes from other presenters at the conference. Stop by the Chalk Couture booth for ideas on how to merchandise products and maximize your own event display, and say hi. (Make sure to stick to our compliance policy by not handing out business cards, enrolling participants as Designers, or otherwise representing Chalk Couture as an organization.)

Design. Love. Repeat.™

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