FAQ - Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

What’s new?
In search of something to put a little spring in your step? Look no further! We’ve got some exciting new products that are perfect for hyping up your spring zing! The newest edition of ChalkStyle includes hundreds of inspirational ways to create timeless DIY home décor. 

And we’ve got over 110 new products, which includes Transfers, accessories, tools, surfaces, paste and ink colors, and more! Read on for more product information.

When are products available?
Spring/Summer Collection products will be available for purchase in Designer Office and on Chalk Sites beginning on February 8, 2022. All products are available while supplies last.

New Chalk Transfer® Designs
This collection offers new chalkable Transfers for all your favorite warm weather needs: general home décor, spring, Easter, Fourth of July, Canada Day, summertime fun, and more!

We’ve created over 90 new designs, just for you!

  • 22 new A-sized Transfers
  • 40 new B-sized Transfers
  • 21 new C-sized Transfers
  • 9 new D-sized Transfers
  • 3 new E-sized Transfers
  • And 4 Transfers that are exclusive to our ChalkMade™ Kits!

Adding these 99 new designs to many of our existing favorites means you’ve got 167 incredible Transfers to buy, sell, and create with over and over again!

New Chalk Stories™
Can’t put an incredible story into words? Don’t worry! You can simply chalk it! Our Chalk Stories illustrate the beautiful little details of life, in sassy and endearing Chalk Transfer designs. We’ve created two new Chalk Stories that we know you’ll love!

Kitchen Collection Chalk Story

Kitchens are the place to gather and connect with your loved ones. Collect the latest and greatest Kitchen Collection Chalk Story (seen on pages 20–21) and spice up your own kitchen space! The story includes four new Transfers—sizes A, B, C, and D—perfect for getting everyone in the mood for a great meal! Transfer elements are easily interchanged for a glorious design story, built one project at a time.

Book Collection Chalk Story

We like big books and we cannot lie! Take a page from us, and decorate your most scholarly shelves with our binge-worthy Book Collection Chalk Story (seen on pages 44–45). The story includes four new Transfers—sizes A, B, C, and D—that remind us of the glory of cozying up with a good book for an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Transfer elements easily interact well together (like the characters of a good design story).

New ChalkMade™ Kits
This new edition of ChalkStyle features four brand new (and adorable) ChalkMade Kits, shown in full-page spreads! Keep calm and carrot on with these spring-themed ChalkMade Kits. We even created a new ChalkMade Jr. Kit for the little creators in your life who have big imaginations. Our ChalkMade Jr. Kit is designed to be made by kids, for kids (adult supervision recommended).

  • ChalkMade Bloom Kit (item Z221941)
  • ChalkMade Carrot Patch Kit (item Z221943)
  • ChalkMade Jr. Picture This Kit (item Z221944)
  • ChalkMade Lemon Garland Kit (item Z221942)

New Chalkology® Pastes
Add a zing of color to your home décor with our creamy dreamy™ chalk paste formula. We continue to offer all colors in jars (3 US fl. oz.) for dedicated DIYers, and select colors in singles (.19 US fl. oz.) for specific projects. Don’t forget Chalkology® Ink for your favorite textile projects.

We know how much you loved this retired color, and we decided to bring it back! Introducing the new permanent fixture at Chalk Couture™:

  • Chalkology Paste Single in Shimmer Melon (item PS221103)
  • Chalkology Paste Jar in Shimmer Melon (item P2111102)

And, of course, we’ve updated our En Vogue colors with five new tones:

  • Shimmer Eucalyptus (item P221102)
  • Shimmer Rose Gold (item P221101)
  • Shimmer Wild Orchid (item P221103)
  • Sunset Drive (item P221105)
  • Dusky Blue (item P221104)

What are En Vogue colors? They are fresh, on-trend, and made specifically for new seasonal designs. They rotate out with new product releases, so help your customers use these colors in their designs before they disappear.

New Color Palettes
Our Spring/Summer Collection 2022 also features two new glorious palette packs of six coordinated single-sized colors.

Bring spring to life with the new Pretty Pastels Chalkology Paste Singles Palette Pack (item PS221102). Six pleasant and peaceful shades of paste bring a touch of life to your space: Shimmer Melon, Peachy Keen, Sunny Side, Eucalyptus, Ocean Mist, and Berry. To appreciate the essence of this pack, visit pages 58–59; this entire spread was created with the pack, adding in just a touch of Bright White (item P181121).

For a more summer-themed palette, turn to the Bright Side Chalkology Paste Singles Palette Pack (item PS221101). This new pack is a conglomeration of bright and cheery tones that encompass the joy that is summertime: Peony, Raspberry Sorbet, Orange Peel, Bumblebee, Meadow, and Couture Teal. See this pack put to work on our new ChalkSuede™ Gift Tags on page 41, and see a few more projects chalked in these colors (plus Black Velvet; item P181122) on page 40.

New Surfaces
Chalk Couture surfaces put the fun in fundamentals when it comes to great chalk projects. Here are some of our favorite new surfaces:

  • Couture Boutique® Board & Base (White, item S2211121). It’s one of our favorite, reusable, reversible surfaces, but with a makeover! This 5” x 7” takes inspiration from a great classic surface, perfect for getting started, but now in white! Its double-sided classic design can add a punch of color or a sweet sentiment to all your favorite spaces.
  • ChalkSuede Gift Tags (White, item S2211124) (Kraft, item S2211126). ChalkSuede is one of the latest and greatest surfaces, featuring soft-touch paper that takes chalk well. This thick, chalkable paper is soft and silky to the touch, easy to create on, and all-around amazing! This pack includes 12 ChalkSuede Gift Tags in a white or kraft color, plus baker’s twine.
  • House Cutouts (item S2211123). Create your own version of home sweet home with the whitewashed House Cutouts 3-Pack. These 4¼”, 4½”, and 7¼” surfaces are the perfect chance to decorate and create your dream home(s). Celebrate the love of home, gathering, and togetherness when you gather just a few products. Use the included door and window pieces for an a-door-able touch.
  • Bird Cutouts (item S2211122). You’ll find that these dove-ly Bird Cutouts are im-peck-able! This 2-pack of three dimensional birds is approximately sized 2½” x and 3½”, perfect for adding a springtime touch to your kitchen vignette!

New Accessories & Tools
Your tools become jewels. Get your hands on these glorious new goodies.

  • Mini Squeegee (Single, item T2211107). It’s your favorite tool for getting those fine and fancy details chalked to perfection, but now you can purchase a single Mini Squeegee rather than a pack of 12! This item measures approximately 1½” x 1”. Squeegees are designed with a rubbery, flexible texture that perfectly smooths Chalkology Paste or Ink over Chalk Transfer designs. Plus “squeegee” is just really fun to say.
  • Wax Applicator (item T2211106). The perfect reusable 3” microfiber cloth for waxing your favorite surface. Scoop out and apply wax with one side, buff it onto your surface with the other side. Applicator washes easily with dish soap.

Why will my customers be interested in the Spring/Summer 2022 Collection?
With the launch of all new products in the Spring/Summer 2022 Collection, your customers will be excited to begin bringing life to their homes in the next season of decorating. Once winter décor comes down, they’ll want to keep their homes looking fresh and inviting with some spring zing. And who doesn’t need an excuse to DIY?!

The Transfers and products in the Spring/Summer 2022 Collection are designed to help your customers keep up with the latest Chalk Couture DIY looks with fun new project ideas, fresh items to choose from, and inspiration galore!

How can I share the Spring/Summer 2022 Collection with my customers?
Visit the Resources Library in your Designer Office. The custom-designed assets are great for sharing with customers, posting on social media, and getting the conversation started. Don’t forget to text your subscribers or post about this product launch in your VIP groups.

Design. Love. Repeat.™

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