FAQ - ChalkStyle Shoppable Catalog

What is the ChalkStyle shoppable catalog?
It’s a total gamechanger! The new, shoppable version of the ChalkStyle catalog replaces the page-turner PDF from the days of old. This new, modern approach to showcasing our amazing products will make it easy and inspirational to shop all things Chalk Couture™. Rather than browse the online catalog and make a list of products and projects, customers can hover over product images for more information, and add items directly to a shopping cart!

Does the online shoppable catalog look different from the printed version?
No. The online experience your customer will have with the Spring/Summer edition of ChalkStyle is the same they’ll have with the print version. The catalog looks the same but now includes the option to add desired items directly to a cart.

Where will my customers see the shoppable version?
The new catalog is located in the drop-down menu under “Catalogs” in the top navigation section of your Chalk Site. (The same place our flip versions have always been found.)

Can customers still shop by browsing the website?
Of course! Traditional shopping options are not changing at all. (Please remind your customers that there are also amazing items online that are not featured in Spring/Summer ChalkStyle.)

When I share links to the new shoppable version of ChalkStyle, will my customers be directed away from my Chalk Site?
No. The links you share from your Chalk Site are always associated back to it.

Can Designers shop from the online catalog at Designer pricing?
No. The shoppable catalog is linked to the retail shopping experience on Chalk Sites, not to Designer Office. To shop at Designer Pricing, Designers will need to log into their Designer Office as always.

Will all our new catalogs be shoppable?
Yes! Spring/Summer is the first of many easy and interactive new shopping experiences we have planned.

At Leadership, Kristine and Brandi mentioned that the virtual catalog will eventually replace the printed catalog. When will that happen?
Print copies for the Spring/Summer edition of ChalkStyle are available to purchase, will be sent to all Designers and Club Couture™ members, and are currently included in both Standard and Business Basics Starter Kits. Printed copies will transition out as supplies are depleted. The Autumn/Winter edition of ChalkStyle (launching July 2022) will not be printed.


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