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Chalk Couture™ Me & Three Workshop
A Designer Blueprint for Workshop Greatness

Everybody loves to chalk pretty things, and Me & Three Workshops are a fun and friendly way to launch your passion for Chalk Couture. You provide the location, and project Transfers, paste, squeegees, and supplies to share. Invite three friends over for an hour of creativity, and you’re off to a simple and stunning start.

  • STEP 1: SET THE DATE - The beauty of the Me & Three is that it’s no frills, all fun, quick, and easy. In just one hour your guests can create something amazing, plus have some time to catch up with each other. Choose a day and time that’s typically less busy for busy people. Thursday night or Sunday afternoons maybe?
  • STEP 2: CHOOSE A PROJECT - Try-Me Kits are picture perfect for getting-started workshops. Or, choose a simple Chalk surface (5” x 5” Double-Sided Box Frame, Couture Boutique™Board & Base, Couture Boutique Board & Pillar Stand, etc.) or use a found surface from a local craft or retail store.
  • STEP 3: SET YOUR PRICE - Charge registration based on 1) the retail price of the provided surface, 2) wear and tear on shared paste and supplies, and 3) sales tax, shipping costs, and the value of your time.
  • STEP 4: GET THE WORD OUT - Say Something Like This… 

“Come join the fun! I’m hosting an intimate Chalk Couture™ Workshop next week, and it won’t be the same without you! Use my supplies. Create for an hour. Leave with your very own hand-made home décor.
Fee: $20.00 USD
Includes: take-home project, use of coordinating Chalk Couture Transfers, and access to my paste, supplies, and support.
Let me know if I should save your spot.”

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