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Now that you are up and running with a Facebook business page and VIP group, what will you post about? It’s important to post often, and to vary your content by using a mix of photos, videos, live demonstrations, and so forth. In addition, it’s a good rule of thumb on your business page to talk about things your audience would be interested in about 80% of the time, versus selling something and talking Chalk every single post. Some subjects could include home décor ideas and inspiration, craft projects, DIY projects, and favorite recipes.

Your VIP group is different: group members have asked to hear more, more, more about Chalk Couture™, so you can post about products and techniques 80% of the time there.

To help you get started, here are a few fun ideas you can create posts around:

  1. Go Live!
    There is nothing quite as powerful as seeing our paste in action! Go live to do demonstrations of fun projects and techniques, and consider going live for the following:

    • Showcasing the projects you’ve created with Club Couture™
    • A new catalog/product launch
    • An unboxing video of your most recent order

  2. Tell Stories
    Stories are a natural way for you to share how Chalk Couture has impacted your life, and they help your followers relate to you on a deeper level. Share stories that you think your audience would find funny, inspirational, or helpful in some way. 

  3. Ask for Advice
    Reach out to your followers for recommendations for solving a particular problem, information, advice, etc.; it would be great for engagement. They’ll appreciate you for valuing them enough to seek their input, and you’ll also love seeing all of their suggestions. The following are examples:

    • How would you decorate...?
    • What advice would you offer to a person who needs...?

    • Have you ever tried...?

  4. Quick Tip Videos
    A great way to build trust and keep your followers interested in what you’re offering is to share “quick tips” with your audience. Think about these like the headlines in a magazine. They’re practical, proven ideas to make life easier and more fun. Below are some examples.

    • 3 ways to decorate your door for spring
    • 5 foods that your kids won't trade at lunchtime
    • How to make a bed in 3 minutes or less

  5. Run a Poll or Survey
    Polls get your users involved and, better yet, give you great insight into your followers and what they’re most interested in. To launch a poll in Facebook, click “…” at the bottom right of a post window and choose “poll”. Some questions you can ask are:

    • Which project would you prefer to see demonstrated live?
    • Which color schemes are your favorite (cool colors, warm colors, neutrals, etc.)?
    • Which magazine do you read most often? (Check out the magazine most people choose and       create some content that’s similar.)

  6. Fill In the Blank
    Rewrite questions as fill-in-the-blank statements. Start the post with providing your answer, then ask followers to post their answers in the comments. Add a photo or image to make the post more interesting and consider offering a price to one randomly-selected comment. Below are some examples. 

    • If I found a genie in a bottle, I would wish for...
    • I always laugh when...
    • My biggest organization challenge is...

  7. O&As
    Q&As are a great topic for live videos, which you can also do as text-based posts. Post the topic, encourage followers to post their questions in the comments, then respond to each one individually. You could either ask your audience to send you their questions in a text-based post, then answer all their questions (and maybe a few they didn’t ask but topics you would still like to cover) in a Live. Or, you could ask your audience to send you their questions, then respond to each one personally via Facebook Messenger. Some topics could include the following:

    • Ask me anything about Chalk Couture products.
    • Ask me anything about being a Designer.
    • What would you love to know about being a teacher/owning a business/living in an RV?

  8. Get Personal
    Share posts that show off your one-of-a-kind personality. People love selfies of people they follow, seeing photos (2 to 3 max) of a family trip or special occasion, and you in your hobbies and extracurriculars. Your community is following YOU, not just Chalk Couture. Make sure to show them who you are. Include things like

    • favorite restaurants, bands or movies, etc.;
    • seasonal photos or videos, or 
    • a funny story about your family or a pet.

  9. Share a Favorite Memory
    People love sharing stories about themselves, so encourage your followers to share. Post a quick story about a favorite memory, then ask your followers to share theirs. Below includes some ideas.

    • Day you met your spouse/significant other
    • Most embarrassing moment
    • Favorite life lesson from a parent or grandparent

  10. Events, Events, Events!
    Hosting virtual events allows you to showcase products, reminds your followers that they are part of a community, helps build your authority and credibility, and advertises that followers could host their own events with you as well. Some invents include

    • virtual workshops, 
    • DIY webinars,
    • virtual craft nights,
    • online retail sales (business page), or
    • VIP group (exclusive pricing sales).

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