LEARN - Lesson 5: Setting Up a VIP Group

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Everybody wants to be a VIP! And that’s the reason creating your very own customer VIP group is a great way to build a sense of community and connection among your customers. Your VIP group is the place where you can share Chalk Couture™ 24/7, advertise your personal promotions and special programs, and connect with your Designership in a personal, practical, and profitable way.

• Your VIP group must be private, meaning customers and followers will need to request to join.
• Chalk Couture Designers are not allowed to be included in other Designer's groups.
• Outside of private events like pop-up shops and workshops, your VIP group is the only place where       you may offer product discounts and special promotions.

• A name for the group and a description (for example, “Brandi’s Creative Connection” or “Brandi’s           Chalk Couture VIP Group”)
• A cover photo (a picture of a finished project or multiple products on display for the cover). Use the     marketing images provided in the Resources Library if needed.

1. From your profile page, click “Create” at the top right and choose “Group”
2. Select a group name
3. Choose your privacy options (group must be private but can be visible)
4. Click “Create”
5. Upload a group cover photo.
6. Click “About” to add a description (remind customers of your name and your passion for Chalk Couture, explain what types of information you’ll be sharing, and that this is THE PLACE to be connected to you, your Chalk Couture Designership, and all the special things you offer VIPs).
7. Click “Moderate Group” to change how you are notified about member requests, create rules for the group if you choose, etc.

Now you’re ready to start sharing ideas and inspiration! (There are lots more things you can learn about groups and how to use them more effectively, but this is really all you need to do to get started.) Once you’ve created your group, post about it on your personal and business pages so your friends, family, customers, and followers will know there’s a special place where they can learn more about Chalk Couture. Make sure to mention it every time you are live on your business page as well.

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