LEARN - Lesson 4: Setting Up a Business Page

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Around 1.6 billion people access Facebook every day, so it’s an ideal place to start building your online presence. Whether you plan to share and sell at workshops, events, Pop-Up Shops, or a little of everywhere, a strong presence on Facebook gives your customers a quick and easy place to learn more about you and Chalk Couture™.

• Your page name and description (for example, “Brandi’s Creative Corner—Chalk Couture Independent Designer”, or “BrandiRainey—ChalkCoutureIndependentDesigner”). See section 5 of Policies & Procedures for more information on your social media presence.
• Profile and cover photos (selfie of yourself for the profile, pictures of finished project or products on display for the cover). Use the marketing images provided in the Resources Library of your Designer Office if needed.

Click here to learn more about Facebook Business Pages and how to set up your own Business Page.

1. Select a Page Name (under 50 characters).
2. Select Your Category (Home Décor, Home Improvement, Arts & Crafts, etc.).
3. Upload a Profile Photo.
4. Upload a Cover Photo.
5. Add a Button (choose “Shop With You” -> Shop Now -> website link [copy your personal Chalk Site URL]).
6. Enable “Automatically Respond to New Messages” (use the default message provided or type in your own).

Click the “Edit Page Info” on the top right of your new page to add some additional information about you and your Designership.

1. Add a Description (use page 2 of the catalog as a start).
2. Select Additional Categories (Home Décor, Home Improvement, Shopping & Retail, Arts & Crafts, etc.).
3. Add your Contact and Location Information (Don’t provide your phone number or street address. For safety and security, stick with just an email address and your city and state or province.).
4. Specify operating Hours (“Always open” or “No hours available”).
5. Save Changes.

Click here to continue to Lesson 5: Setting Up a VIP Page

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