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Many thanks to Master Couturier Mandy Leahy for sharing her step-by-step process for editing the videos she uses on social media.

Sharing how to use Chalk Couture™ products IN ACTION is the way to go on social media, whether that’s with a live video or by using something prerecorded. You want to be able to capture people’s attention and WOW them with how awesome our products are.

One thing that has been very helpful for my Team was teaching them how to edit their videos, so I figured I’d share my secrets with everyone. The app I use is super quick and easy. It’s called VivaVideo Pro.

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Note: I find it’s best to record videos in the horizontal direction. I use an overhead phone camera mount to set my phone up over the project and have the screen (in selfie mode) facing me so I can look up and make sure the entire project is within the shot.

Here’s a list of the steps that are shown in the video below. I hope it’s helpful for you all!

Open the VivaVideo Pro app and then click on the following:

• “Edit video” (Pick video(s) or picture(s) to upload.)
• “Mute” if you’re using a voiceover.
• “Filter” (Make sure to add it to all clips. I use Airy which is listed under Spring.)
• “Rotate” (Keep clicking on it until it’s the direction you want.)
• “Canvas & BG” (If it’s a horizontal video pick “16:9”.)
• “Trim,” if needed (I often trim the beginning or end where I’m reaching up to turn on/off the recording.)
• “Speed” (If you’re wanting it to be a quick video.)
• Click “Effects” in the bottom right.
• “Sound” if you’re recording a voiceover (just hold it down to record).
• “Checkmark” to proceed.
• “Text” if you want to add it. (This step is not shown in the video tutorial.)
• “Multi Music” under Effects if you’d like to add any music. (Click “add” and drag the sections you want to have music. This step is not shown in the video tutorial.)
• Click ”Checkmark” to proceed.
• “Save” in the top right or choose “Draft” if you want to finish it up later.

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