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Virtual events are amazing ways to connect people with Chalk Couture™ online. They are simple to set up, don’t require an inventory investment, and function much the same as live events. Lots of formats are available and offer ways to get customers engaged. Use this as a blueprint for creating your very own engaging online sales experience.

Note: While working with a host is not required, collaborating with your friends, family, and customers to plan a virtual workshop, pop-up shop, or online event is always a great idea. When you work with a host, you gain access to their friends, family, neighbors, and social networks.

Where Do I Host a Virtual Event?
• Facebook event
• Create a unique private group
• Use a VIP group

How Long Is a Virtual Event?
• 1-hour Facebook Live on the day of the event
Create the group or event and start adding guests 1 to 2 days prior to going live. (Share posts that  include the product promotions available, ways to be entered for giveaways, demonstration videos  from Chalk Couture, links to your Chalk Site, etc., in the days leading up to the live event.)

How Do I Run a Successful Event?
STEP ONE: Get Prepared
• Create the event or new private group. Upload a pretty cover image and provide all pertinent information.
• Advertise your upcoming event in your VIP group, business page, and potentially on your personal page.
• Invite friends personally using text messages or Facebook Messenger, being sure to include the link to the group or event.
• Create graphics/images that showcase the following:
1) ways guests can be included in giveaways,
2) any special sales or promotions you are offering,
3) bundles you have prepared from your inventory, and
4) lists of products you demonstrated that customers might want to order from your Chalk Site.     Posting this information in multiple images will make it easier for customers to access when they’re   ready to purchase.
• Grab a few finished projects you can show during your live presentation.

• Introduce yourself and provide an outline of how the event will unfold. Make sure to include ways to   earn any giveaways you are including, and mention any current customer promotions. 
• Thank everyone for attending.

STEP THREE: Showcase Product
• Demonstrate a quick project live.
• During the demonstration, share your Chalk Couture story. Talk about how you discovered the   products, how they’ve been helpful and fun in your life, and what being a Designer means to you.
• Share a few features and benefits of the products. Explain that Couture Gallery™ and Couture   Boutique™ boards are reusable and that the paste washes off with soap and water.
• Share a few fun finished projects to showcase additional Transfer designs and to illustrate how they   can use the products.

STEP FOUR: Create Engagement
• Ask your guests to introduce themselves and share their experience with Chalk Couture.
• During your demonstration, have them vote on a color choice or choose the Transfer you demo by   posting in the comments.
• Ask guests to share places they would use the project you are working on.
• Showcase the same Transfer in two different color palettes. Have them vote on a favorite.
• Share the Chalk Couture opportunity and a quick story about how being a Designer has been a   blessing. Ask attendees to comment “#tellmemore” (or any specific hashtag you choose) if they   would like you to contact them about the business later.
• Share the benefits of Club Couture™. Ask attendees to comment #club (or any specific hashtag you   choose) if they would like you to contact them about joining Club Couture later.

• Share any promotions Chalk Couture is sponsoring for the month.
• Share any personal promotions you are offering for the month or for this event (only available in   closed groups like a private Facebook group or your VIP group).
• Remind attendees of how they can take advantage of giveaways. For example, by sharing the event   or recommending the group to two other people, placing a $25 order by the deadline, joining your   VIP group, etc.

 Show customers any bundles you have available for sale from your personal inventory.
Provide a list of all the products you used in the live demonstration and create a Cartlink from the   My Cart page in your Designer Office for simple at-home delivery to your customers.
Ask if customers have specific questions or would like recommendations on color choices, best   surfaces to buy, etc.
 Encourage attendees to join your VIP group so they can have access to your best pricing, ongoing product training, and inspiration.
Encourage attendees to host their own online event where they can earn free products for sharing  Chalk Couture with their friends, family, and networks.
 Remind everyone of the order deadline and thank them for joining your event.
Choose winners for giveaways.

STEP SEVEN: Follow-up
Acknowledge every order from the event by sending a personal message to the customer who   placed it. Thank them for supporting your event and ask them to post a photo of their finished   project when they’re done.
Reach out to those who didn’t order and thank them for attending. Invite them to join your VIP group   and let them know you are always available to help if they choose to order later on.
A week or so after the event, follow up with customers who placed orders. Make sure they received   their products, answer any questions they have, and encourage them to share a photo of their   finished project when they’re done.

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