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Facebook parties are fast and easy ways to connect with new customers online.

Thank you to Designer Carmen Hyde for sharing her timeline for holding a successful Facebook party! To hear Carmen talk through her process live, watch the video below.

3 Days Prior
Send the Host/Hostess a friend request.
Set up a Facebook group for the party.
Create an event in the group letting attendees know when and where to join.

2 Days Prior
Send your Host a fun graphic that she can send to her people along with a fun message about the group and the event they’ll be invited to also. Always stress that she may not add friends to the group without permission.
Post your welcome post in the event so they can get to know you and have something to read while they're waiting for the party to start.

Day 1 of Party
Post 1: Post the welcome post that you submit as soon as the event is created.
Post 2: Post a graphic about the party starting soon and have guests comment underneath it with how they know the host.
Post 3: Post a welcome video or go live (introduce Chalk Couture™, what Transfers are, etc.; also show a Couture Boutique™ Board & Base, Bright White Chalkology™ Paste, and an A-sized Transfer from the Starter Kit).

Day 2 of Party (Monday)
Post 1: use graphic showing benefits of Chalk Couture; also use a graphic of finished goods.
Post 2: use graphic of “what's your style?”; drop an emoji (Farmhouse, Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Kid Friendly).
Post 3: Post video of various upcycled items that have been chalked.

Day 3 of Party (Tuesday)
Post 1: Graphic of “how to enter” with pics of chalked items (various ways to enter: like, comment, invite others, like and follow biz page, join VIP group).
Post 2: Go live. Post graphic an hour before to let them know, show ombré technique with an A-sized Transfer on the Board & Base; also paste and peel with a B-sized Transfer on an Aiden board.
Post 3: Graphic of one Transfer used several ways on signs and pillows, etc.
Post 4: Hostess wanted!

Day 4 of Party (Wednesday)
Post 1: Graphic of the steps of chalking. Also, entice them by letting them know that I’ll be showing them an inking video in a little bit.
Post 2: Inking video (flat lay on a tea towel).
Post 3: Game!
Post 4: Graphic of upcycled item chalked or inked.

Day 5 of Party (Thursday)
Post 1: Starter Kit video.
Post 2:Post bundle graphics.
Post 3: Go live. show Club Couture™ Transfer on an Aiden board. Talk about Club Couture, Creative Kickstart Kit, and specials for club members from Chalk Couture™ and myself. Also, show the B-sized bundle.
Post 4: Post a Club Couture video montage or Club Couture video. Also mention that they need to get their entries in for the drawing.

Day after
Post 1: Live with a drawing for the giveaway.
Post 2: Refer-a-friend graphic (I give either Amazon gift cards or Chalk Couture credit through me for referring someone who signs up to be a Designer).
Post 3: How to care for Your Transfer.
Post 4: Reminder to place an order and “Don't forget a squeegee” graphic.
Extras that can be added!
YouTube video of the difference between Chalkology™ Paste and Ink video.
Video of your kid’s creating a project.
“You Know You’re a Crafter When” graphic.

When a person orders, be sure to message them a “Thank You” graphic and also ask if you may tag them in a post in the party. You can do this for orders, Club Couture™, hosting, and recruiting.

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