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Many thanks to Couturier Cindy Dockery for sharing her step-by-step process and favorite products for shipping from home.

Okay Media Mavens, now that you know how to share and sell on Facebook, let’s talk about how you can quickly and easily ship all those orders from home. Thanks to your Chalk Couture™ website (Chalk Site), you don’t have to keep inventory on hand and can still be incredibly successful selling online.

Know that you can always send your customers directly to your Chalk Site to purchase products. But if you do choose to sell product you keep on hand, or choose to offer bundles you put together yourself, here’s a quick reference list to help you get started with the shipping process.

Basic Shipping Supplies (available on Amazon and most department stores)
poly mailers: 19” x 14.5” and 24” x 19”
poly bubble mailers: 16” X 11”
 manila envelopes: 9” x 6” and 13” x 10” (you can get poly mailers this size as well if you prefer)
shipping tape
digital postal scale
printer, paper, ink

Postage Partners (to determine your own postage and print shipping labels from home)
Pirate Ship (https://www.pirateship.com; US orders through USPS)
Stamps.com (https://www.stamps.com/; US orders through USPS)
PayPal (https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/shipping-center; US and Canada orders through USPS and UPS)

Tips from Cindy
Recycle boxes from Chalk Couture to use as inserts (keeps Transfers from being bent in the mail). Cut 18” x 13” and 18” x 18” squares for most packages. Use two inserts when using poly mailers and one insert for manila envelopes.
With your customer’s permission, cut C-size and larger Transfers down when possible. When cut, they fit in smaller packaging (so you keep fewer large shipping envelopes on hand) and will cost less to ship.
If you choose, purchase large white mailers similar to those Chalk Couture uses to mail Transfers. They are more expensive but are a great option.
For shipping multiple pastes and surfaces, opt for USPS flat-rate shipping boxes or use 6” x 6” x 6” and 14” x 12” x 6” boxes from the department store.
Always include a thank you note that you hand write. Customer service is key!

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