FAQ - Chalk Couture™ Sampling Program

What is sampling?
Sampling allows new potential customers to try Chalk Couture™ products via a mini Sample Kit! Each kit features everything needed to try out Chalk Couture for the very first time! Samples create an adorable gift tag project.

How does it work?
There are two ways Designers can connect customers with a sample:

  1. Designers can order a 6-Pack of branded Sample Kits (item M2231130) in their Designer Office and fulfill sample requests/orders personally. Please note that this option is commissionable and includes PV.
  2. Designers can share a direct link to the Sample Kit from their Chalk Site via text, messenger, email, etc. Once there, customers can purchase a Sample Kit (plus tax and with free shipping) and the order will be fulfilled by Chalk Central. To keep prices as low as possible for customers, the online single is non-commissionable.

What’s in an individual Sample Kit?
Each individual Sample Kit comes in a small, custom marketing mailer package and includes everything needed to experience chalking for the first time. Details are below.

  • Be Kind Chalk Transfer® design
  • Storm Chalkology® Paste Single
  • ChalkSuede™ Tag with baker’s twine
  • Mini Squeegee
  • Printed instructions 

What is the Sample Kit price?

  • Sample Kit (item M2231129): $5.00 USD (plus tax). Includes free shipping if shipped by itself. (Not available in Canada, does not include PV).
  • Sample Kit (6-Pack) (item M2231130): $25.80 USD/$33.30 CAD. That’s just $4.30 USD/$5.55 CAD per sample! (Available as a supply item in Designer Office only.)

How are samples shipped?

  • The Sample Kit (6-Pack) (item M2231130) is shipped to Designers with regular Designer Office orders. Designers are then free to sell, ship, and otherwise distribute individual kits as they see fit.
  • Orders for individual Sample Kits are fulfilled by Chalk Central and will be mailed directly to customers for free.

Is the sampling program available for Canadian customers?
Yes and no. Canadian Designers can purchase the Sample Kit (6-Pack) (item M2231130) and mail/deliver individual samples directly to their customers. The single Sample Kit accessible online is only available to customers with US mailing addresses.

Do samples generate PV?

  • The Sample Kit (6-Pack) (item M2231130) is commissionable and generates 25.80PV per 6-Pack.
  • The single Sample Kit is non-commissionable and generates no PV.

Where can my contacts find the Sample Kit online? 
Your customers can find the Sample Kit by clicking an image on your Chalk Site home page, by using the link you provide them to the Sample Kit, or a cart link. 

Will I know if my customer purchased a Sample Kit online?
Yes, it will be processed as a normal customer order. 

How do I know who to share the Sample Kit link with?
Share your link with anyone and everyone! Share your sample link with someone you’ve got in mind, or with someone who has requested it. If someone has shown interest in DIY, chalking, or Chalk Couture, a Sample Kit is a great way to get them hooked with a small successful project.


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