FAQ - Social Circle

What is Social Circle?
Social Circle is a new initiative in Chalk Central’s social media strategy that leverages user-generated content to help boost reach and support brand recognition. From the participants in Social Circle, Chalk Couture™ will be sharing up to five applicable social media posts, per Designer, per quarter. 

Posts will be selected based on our needs, brand aesthetic, specific product promotions, and ongoing editorial plans. Selected posts are focused on creativity, artwork, or products and do not include specific references to the Designers’ VIP groups, specific Teams, or the Designer opportunity.

What are the requirements to be invited to Social Circle?
All Designers are eligible for participation, assuming they meet the following criteria:

  • 30,000+ PV in the event year (June 1–May 31)
  • 10+ Personally Sponsored Designers per event year
  • Good standing with Chalk Couture Advisory team
  • Active on at least two public social platforms (ideally 3+), with a minimum of 3 posts per week and 500+ followers in the top platform (VIP groups are excluded, as these are not public)

Can Designers be nominated for Social Circle?
Yes! Depending on the needs of the Chalk Couture social media feeds, Chalk Couture may elect Designers who excel at social media, but don’t technically fall under the requirements listed above. All Chalk-nominated Social Circle participants must be in good standing with Chalk Couture compliance and active on at least two public social media platforms.

What are the responsibilities of Social Circle?
Social Circle Designers provide high-quality social media content which may be shared on Chalk Couture corporate social accounts. They must remain in good standing with Chalk Couture Advisory team and strive to represent the brand in a positive and ethical manner at all times.

How are Social Circle Designers recognized for their content?
Designer content will be attributed with a direct mention or tag with the Designer’s social media handle or noted as a photo credit in the associated comment or caption.

Can other Designers share Social Circle content from Chalk Central’s social media platforms?
Yes. Designers may share all content provided on official Chalk Couture platforms. However, please note that doing so may result in customers or followers purchasing from or enrolling with a different Designer. 

How many Designers are in Social Circle?
Social Circle typically includes 25–30 eligible Designers.

How long is a Designer in Social Circle?
Participants are included for up to one event year, ending May 31. Designers who meet criteria anytime during the year (based on preceding 12 months of performance), may also be invited to participate. As with any Chalk Couture program, Social Circle’s parameters are subject to regular review and adaptation. 

Do Social Circle participants get special insights into future product releases and promotions
No. Social Circle members will not have access to products in development, promotions before they’re announced, or any other trade secrets.

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