FAQ - Product Release Strategy

How often will new products be released?
We have created multiple product-release windows during the year. Consistent release windows create a balance between product stability for you and fresh products for your customers.

General release windows are as follows:

  • January—Fresh Start
  • February—Spring
  • April—Summer
  • June—Celebrations
  • July—Autumn
  • September—Holiday
  • December—Winter

Chalk Couture™ also releases a new B-sized Chalk Transfer® design monthly for Designers and Club Couture™ subscribers.

How will Chalk Couture announce and advertise new products?
Each release is supported by a digital, shoppable lookbook on Chalk Sites or Designer Office under “Shop the Lookbook” in the top navigation menu. Click on any photo for more information and/or to add the item to a shopping cart. 

Collection releases will be announced through a variety of standard practices such as the weekly Designer update email, posts in Designer Studio and other Chalk Central Facebook pages, marketing emails, and Launch Love Live. Launch Love Live events take place on the Designer Studio Facebook page; they include an in-depth look at new products and often include Creator’s Collaboration segments where Designers create with new products live!

Releases are accompanied by marketing assets, documentation, and ChalkTalk™ webisodes to help Designers stay current on techniques and business practices for all products.

Will there be photos of every new product in the lookbook, or just highlights?
New products are featured in lookbooks as are many continuing items that are being carried from one season into another. Be sure to check the Product List and refer customers to your Chalk Site to see additional items not promoted in the lookbook.

Can I post the lookbook on social media?
You can share the lookbook in whole or in part in any way you choose. As you work with the lookbook, ensure your practices are in compliance with Chalk Couture policies regarding the creation and distribution of logo, advertising, promotions, and use of trademarks.

Will I have an opportunity to buy products before they are released to customers?
Chalk Couture will provide links to online lookbooks a few days ahead of the product release to help Designers “preview” products, prepare their sales plans, and plan projects to strengthen the sales season ahead. There may be occasional opportunities for Designers to pre-purchase new product collections as well; watch the weekly Designer update email for specific pre-purchase opportunities with each new product release.

How will we know when a product is no longer available for retail sales?
Stay current on product availability by checking the Product List, which is updated each business day in your Resources Library. The Product List is intended to help you track products that are available now, including if an item is restocking (and a target range of when), low in inventory (we are increasing this to a three-week on-hand notice to give you more time to respond), and “unavailable after” a specified date or date range. “Unavailable after” items may return for regular retail sales again when in season, or be included in future promotional packs and promotions. They may also be permanently retired depending on the needs of the business.

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