FAQ - Repackaging Products (Autumn 2022)

Chalk Couture™ policy requires that all products be sold intact and in the original packaging, with a few exceptions. The following list represents all current products that Designers may cut apart or divide into smaller portions to create samples, kits, or demos. These items may either be sold to customers (at a fair and reasonable price determined by the Designer) or given away for free.

This list represents items active through Autumn 2022 Collection. The list is updated as products are introduced or retired. Any product on this list that is broken into smaller components for resale or demos may be packaged for convenience, but should not be branded or labeled in any way to potentially indicate that the product is a complete, intact, Chalk Couture retail product.

From Chalk Couture Policy and Procedures (Section 5.8.1—Sampling), “Free samples are permitted so long as the Designer is offering them in a ‘closed group’ or private setting (by definition, a closed group cannot be viewable publicly and requires permission to join) or to their personal email lists, so long as it is 100% free. In the event that you must use a container/package for a free sample, it should be very simply labeled without Chalk Couture logos, with your contact information and the phrase ‘Free Sample. Not labeled for individual retail sale.’”

Chalk Transfer® Designs
For Create & Takes, kits, and demos, use B-sized demo Transfers and background patterns.

  • Ready to Learn (A2231336)
  • Autumn Tiered Tray (B2231379)
  • Autumn Tiered Tray Cutouts (B2231380)
  • Back to School Minis (B2131164)
  • Be Merry Christmas Cards (B2231388)
  • Best Gift Ever Minis (B2231356)
  • Coffee and Christmas Cheer (B2231382)
  • Enter If You Dare (B2131154)
  • Fall Minis (B2231355)
  • Football Obsessed (B2231367)
  • It’s October Witches (B2231358)
  • No Selfies in The Bathroom (B2211308)
  • Pumpkin Faces (B2231387)
  • The Good Life (B2211336)
  • They Followed The Star (B2231361)
  • ʼTis the Season to Be Spooky (B2231386)
  • Vein & Spirits Jar (B2231359)
  • Autumn Cutouts Design & Words (C2231338)
  • Christmas Directional Signs (C2231344)
  • Christmas Express (C2231335)
  • Fa La La Y'all (C2142156)
  • Haunted Houses (C2231332)
  • Henna Pumpkins (C2231329)
  • Homestead (C2211313)
  • Inside My Bones (C2231331)
  • O Night Divine (C2231340)
  • Served Fresh All Day (C2231337)
  • Sole Mates (C2231334)
  • Witchy Phrases (C2131134)
  • Would Eat Here Again (C2131132)
  • Feline Fine Pattern (D2131119)
  • Four Farmhouse Patterns (D2231316)
  • Halloween Damask Pattern (D2231313)
  • Holiday Pine (D2142132)
  • Holiday Stars Cutout Patterns (D2231320)
  • Halloween Porch Sign (E2231305)

ChalkMade™ Kits

  • ChalkMade Gone Batty Kit (Z223149)


  • Adhesive Magnets (12-Pack, 1"; T2131104)
  • Board Eraser (2-Pack; T183102)
  • Color Trays (24-Pack; T201106)
  • Ink Mat (11" × 23"; S181104)
  • Ink Mat (17" x 17"; S181105)
  • Mini Squeegees (12-Pack; T191102)
  • Stir Sticks (24-Pack; T191106)
  • Transfer Backer Sheets (10-Pack, 8½" x 11"; T183107)


  • Autumn Cutouts (3-Pack, 4", 6¼", and 6½"; S2131109)
  • Autumn Tiered Tray Cutouts (3-Pack, 2⅞", 3", 3⅞"; S2231123)
  • Block Set (3-Pack, 4½", 6½", and 11"; S2131112)
  • Box Frame (4-Pack, 3" x 3"; S2131111)
  • Chalkable Chips (Black, 12-Pack, 3", Round; S191110)
  • Chalkable Chips (White, 12-Pack, 3", Round; S193101)
  • ChalkSuede™ Foldover Cards & Envelopes (8-Pack, 4¼" x 5½"; S2231126)
  • ChalkSuede™ Gift Tags (Kraft, 12-Pack, 3" x 4"; S2211126)
  • ChalkSuede™ Gift Tags (White, 12-Pack, 3" x 4"; S2211124)
  • House Cutouts (3-Pack, 4¼", 4½", and 7¼"; S2211123)
  • Large Patches (3-Pack, 5¾" x 5¾"; S2231001)
  • Pumpkin Cutouts (3-Pack, 4½", 7¼", and 10¼"; S2131116)
  • Simple Shapes (4-Pack, 6", Round, Square; S2111104)
  • Simple Shapes Base (2-Pack; S2131115)
  • Simple Shapes Rectangle (2-Pack, Brown, 5" x 7"; S2231129)
  • Simple Shapes Rectangle (2-Pack, White, 5" x 7"; S2231128)
  • Simple Shapes Rectangle (2-Pack, 5” x 12”; S2131114)
  • Small Patches (3-Pack, 4¼" x 2½"; S2231002)
  • Square Pillow Cover (2-Pack, 17½" x 17½"; S181101)
  • Star Cutouts (3-Pack, 5", 7", and 9"; S2122106)
  • Tag Minis (6-Pack, 3" x 5"; S194121)
  • Tiered Tray Essentials (6 Pieces; S2231122)

Chalkology® Paste and Chalkology® Ink
When repackaging products, we recommend you use paste singles whenever possible. However, paste or ink can be given free in sample sizes only when it is:

  • repackaged in a small container,
  • labeled simply without Chalk Couture logos,
  • and includes your contact information and the following text: “Free Sample. Not labeled for individual retail sale.”

Design. Love. Repeat.™

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