FAQ - Brand Brochure

What is the Brand Brochure?
This fun 8-page brochure is an overview of Chalk Couture™, highlighting our exclusive product line. It changes twice per year to feature relative products and projects seasonally (spring/summer and autumn/winter), give an overview of the benefits of joining Club Couture, briefly discuss the opportunity of becoming a Designer, and recommend visiting a Chalk Site to see our product offering.

Where can the Brand Brochure be purchased?
Brand Brochures can be purchased—only in 12-packs—in the “Business Supplies” section of the Designer Office. The 12-pack (item M2231127) is not commissionable and holds no PV. Brand Brochures are super affordable at just $2.99 USD/$3.99 CAD per 12-pack, which makes them just $0.25 USD/$0.33 CAD each!

The Brand Brochure is not available for purchase on Chalk Sites.

Is there a digital/online version of the Brand Brochure?

How often is the Brand Brochure updated?
The Brand Brochure is updated twice a year, generally for autumn/winter and spring/summer.

Is the Brand Brochure a replacement for the catalog?
No. The brochure does not include all products, prices, or SKUs, but rather shares the “essence” of the amazing DIY revolution found only with Chalk Couture!

Design. Love. Repeat.™

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