LEARN - Lesson 5: Finding Your Chalk Site Address

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Your website has lots of great bells and whistles. Let us help you find your way around the site. First up, we’ll show you how to locate your Chalk Site link!

1. To begin, open chalkcouture.com on a desktop or mobile device. Hover over the lock icon in the top right corner (upper left-hand corner on mobile) and select “Log in”. If you are already signed in, you will see a little person instead of the lock icon. Select “My Account”.

2. From there you will be taken to your account overview page. On the left sidebar, pan down to find “Chalk Couture Business Info”. Important information such as your Designer ID, your Chalk Site URL, and your bio are saved here.

3. Copy the full address under “Chalk Site URL”. Share it wherever you like (social media, text, email, etc.). This will direct your friends, family, and future customers to your shop!

4. Share, share, share!


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