3 Best Ways to Sell

So you want to sell Chalk Couture™ products? We’ve got the scoop on three of the top ways to increase sales: offering packaged products, hosting creative workshops, and creating finished goods. With just a few quick clicks, you'll soon be well on your way to sales success!


You’ve come to the right place to learn! When you're a Chalk Couture Designer, you get so much freedom and flexibility in your selling approach. Let’s take a few minutes to focus on three ways to sell smart.


Sharing your passion for Chalk Couture products is the most fundamental and important way to enhance your efforts as a Designer. Having a strong sales core will grow your Designership and give it long-term stability, and the best ways to sell packaged Chalk Couture products include directing your customers to your Chalk Site or selling in person at home or pop-up shops.

We recommend you sell Chalk Couture packaged products in two ways:

Live and In Person—Place inventory orders in your Designer Office at your Designer price, then sell items person-to-person at the advertised retail prices. You can hold in-home, pop-up shops—which are among the fastest and easiest ways to start selling—with or without inventory, even with just the supplies that are included in your Perks Pack. 

When you sell products this way, you can earn instant commissions of 40%, and the potential to earn additional bonuses for sales volume or Personal Volume (PV). You opt to purchase products up front at your discounted price and then your commission is earned when the items are sold at full retail price.

Online from Your Chalk Site—When you sell online from your Chalk Site, Chalk Central manages all the inventory and ships all the orders, so your website is at work 24/7! 25% deferred commissions on online orders are paid once a month, typically by the 15th of the month following a sale.

Our Club Couture™ customer subscription is also a great product to sell this way. It's exclusively available online, and, of course, you'll receive 25% commission on each monthly shipment your Club member receives.

To sum it up, the best rewards in the Chalk Couture Compensation Plan come from earning Personal Volume (PV). You'll earn 40% instant commission on products that you sell from your inventory and 25% deferred commission from Chalk Site sales. Plus, product sales can drive Savvy Seller bonuses, Team and Enterprise Volume, and so much more. All of these are detailed in our Compensation Plan.

Every Designer can find success with selling packaged products; even if you consider yourself creatively-challenged. You can focus on our great Transfers, our palettes of paste and ink, and the wide-range of surfaces and tools that we offer. There really is something for everybody!

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A Designer-favorite method of selling is teaching creative workshops. Think about this: if teaching people, being a party planner, or helping others is a passion of yours, you are going to love earning money teaching workshops.

By definition, a workshop is a pre-advertised, pre-registered event, where you bring people together to each create a finished project. It can be at your home, another host’s home, or even at a reserved private gathering space. Depending on the space and the time you have, you might have a small group of four or five people or maybe even a bigger group of a dozen friends—you get to choose.

For a workshop, you'll typically advertise a project for which you already have the products and supplies needed for each guest to create a finished piece. You can set the price for the workshop yourself. For example, let's say you’re offering a class featuring an A-Sized Chalk Transfer® design, a Couture Boutique® Board & Base (White, 5" x 7"), two Chalkology® Paste Singles, and a Mini Squeegee. That’s about $30 in retail value. You've also purchased some extra supplies like paper towels or plastic tablecloths just to make the event look a little bit sweeter. After all that, you’ve decided to charge $50 per guest. That's an awesome value for your customers, because they get to walk away with a finished project and a reusable Transfer. If you have six guests paying $50 each, that's $300 in revenue, and more than $100 in profit for you—that's pretty great!

If you're looking for workshop ideas, you can visit the Designer Studio on Facebook to see what other Designers are offering. You can look to kits created by Chalk Central or our monthly Club Couture projects for inspiration, too, or even encourage your Club members to host their own monthly workshops, using their exclusive Club Couture products.

Focusing on workshops is a great way to balance your sales of packaged products. One of the benefits of holding workshops is that it's just fun to bring people together. It's so rewarding to help people discover their creativity and to help them complete projects for their homes.

Workshops are also the perfect place to upsell, with customers creating and working together. This is a great environment to introduce them to related products they'll want to own, like the Multi-Tool, Placement Tape, Board Eraser, Quick Dry Tool, and so much more. 

When you involve a workshop host as your partner, it can make the planning a breeze and the fun even more rewarding. Your host will help get the word out and the friends in and, in return, they’ll earn some great product from you. With just a little bit of prep, offering workshops can be a great way to grow your income.


Now, let's dive into the third way you can profit as a Chalk Couture Designer: selling finished goods! Chalk Couture does not pay you for selling completed artwork, but if you love to create artwork and sell it, that’s great! Just be aware that it is typically a more challenging way to build a Team or to earn income from Chalk Couture.

The advantages of selling finished goods include artistic flexibility and freedom. Your creative options are unlimited! And, remember, finished goods become your products, so you can price them as you wish. You can promote them publicly and you can sell finished goods in fixed retail locations or on a website you manage outside of your Chalk Site, which is something you cannot do with Chalk Couture packaged products. 

If selling finished goods is interesting to you, make sure to read up on that section in the Chalk Couture Policies. It outlines everything you need to know from sales tax to branding your items. We’ve also included some basic recommendations on how to design finished goods for mass appeal and for pricing in Learn. Check out our course on “Pricing Finished Goods” for more information.


Each month we provide you with relevant and useful tools from professional product and project images, marketing assets, sales guides, flyers, videos, and so much more to assist you in reaching your sales goals. You can also find a host of marketing materials with essential information, guidance, and FAQs on sales and more in the Resources Library.

You may even want to order some basic marketing tools like business cards, banners, and more that are branded for Chalk Couture Designers. These items and several others are offered through our brand partner, VistaPrint (for US and Canadian Designers).


The best thing about selling with Chalk Couture is that there are so many options available. We’ve outlined three favorites here, but know that many Designers also enjoy success selling online in their VIP groups, in virtual events, and at farmers markets, craft fairs, and large vendor events. The list goes on and on. 

You can customize your efforts to fit your style, whether it's promoting packaged products, holding fun workshops, selling finished goods, or a little bit of all three. Chalk Couture has resources to help you “Design. Love. Repeat.™” in a way that's all your own!


Design. Love. Repeat.™ 

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