FAQ - Fix-It-Fast

Have a question or need? Before contacting Designer Services, use this list as your self-service master resource to just about everything!

Always use this list first...but if your issue requires Designer Services’ assistance, please note the following:

  • Do not chat AND email about the same issue. This creates duplicate resolution tickets that can slow, not speed, your service.
  • Do not chat or email on behalf of another Designer, including Team members. Please chat in only for resolution for your own issues, which provides the clearest information and eliminates duplication.

Where can I track an order I’ve placed but not received?
Log into your Designer Office. Select “Orders.” You’ll see a list of orders, with their order number highlighted. Click the order you want more information on. The order number is at the top left of your screen and the tracking information is then clickable.

I can’t remember my password to access Designer Office.
You can reset your password by going to chalkcouture.com and click “Forgot Password”. Check your spam folder and if you still do not have the reset email after 5 minutes, contact Designer Services by chat.

My Team member can’t remember their password to access Designer Office.
What should they do?
First ensure they are trying to reset the password at chalkcouture.com. Have them check their spam folder and if they still do not have the reset email after 5 minutes, have them contact Designer Services by chat.

I want to update my credit card on file with Chalk Couture. How do I do this?
Once you are logged into your Designer Office, you will click on the person icon in the top right hand corner, click “My Account” and then click “Payment methods” on the left side. Once you are on the “Payment method” screen, click "Edit" under the card you would like to edit. You cannot delete the primary/subscription card so you will need to click to edit/change the card on file. One you have made the edits, it will update your primary card.

I want to update my email address or primary address on file with Chalk Couture. How do I do this?
Click HERE and complete the change email or primary address request form.

My customer wants to update their email address or primary address on file with Chalk Couture. How do they do this?
Have them submit an email to support@chalkcouture.com requesting the account update.

I want to update or change my Chalk Site. How do I do this? 
Click HERE and complete the Chalk Site update request form. 

I have a prospective Team member who is a former Designer. Can they enroll online?
Because every account is tied to a single email address and tax ID number, re-enrolling Designers must chat with or email Designer Services to enroll. Otherwise, they will receive an error that the email address and/or tax ID number is already in use. This helps us best manage a Designer’s full connection to Chalk Couture even when their status changes from customer to Designer or back again (and again).

Remember that a re-enrolling Designer must have waited a minimum of 3 months to re-enroll under the same Sponsor, or a minimum of 6 months if they are changing Sponsors.

I want to apply my 15% off coupon (or other coupon) at checkout. How do I do this?
You can apply your coupon to a single order anytime within 60 days of your enrollment by entering the code “Designer15” at checkout.

Where can I find a product list that shows me what’s out of stock and when it will return?
Locate the Product List in your Designer Office under “Resources Library.” It will be listed at the top. The Product List is updated daily (weekdays only) and posted between 9:00 and 10:00 am MT. Any item listed as returning to stock that day will be available to order at 3:00 pm MT.

My customer (including “Designer to Customer”) wants to cancel their Club Couture™ subscription. How do they do that?
To cancel a Club Couture subscription, your customer should visit your Chalk Site and log into their account (click on the “person icon” at the top left of the screen). Under “Account Settings,” click on “Club Couture,” where they will be able to cancel their membership. Note that they must cancel before the 5th of the month to avoid billing and shipment for that month’s Club Couture shipment and payment of $21.99 USD/$27.99 CAD.

My Designer-to-Customer was billed for their first Club Couture but says they didn’t know they were enrolled. What do I tell them?
All Designer-to-Customer (D2C) Club Couture subscribers are former Designers who transitioned into Club Couture after failing to remit a minimum of 100PV in the preceding quarter. In the US, these D2C members received a free B-sized Club Couture Transfer in the month following their exit as Designers that included communications about their new Club Couture subscription and that billing begins the 5th of the SECOND month following their D2C status (February, May, August, or November). They received two pre-billing emails describing the program, how to cancel, and when the $21.99 USD charge would happen for their first kit shipment. If they wish to cancel future kit shipments, have them follow the instructions in the question above.

Note that auto-enrollment for D2C members occurs in the US only. Canadian former Designers must actively enroll as new Club Couture subscribers after they exit active Designer status. They have the month following their exit to do so in order to receive their free Transfer before the program and billing start.

I haven’t received my Designer sample of this month’s Club Couture Transfer yet. OR, my customer hasn’t received their Club Couture kit for the month yet.
What do I do?
Because shipping times vary by location, Chalk Couture does not send replacement Transfers to Designers or customers until after the 20th of the month.

If you or your customer have not received your Club Couture Transfer by the 20th, please complete the form below:

Club Couture Replacement Request Form.

Please do not chat with Designer Services or fill out the form on behalf of another Designer. This only creates duplicate entries and will slow the processing of your request. You are welcome to share the link with your customer or fill out the form on their behalf, DO NOT DO BOTH.

How do I request a replacement for a defective product?
Before you begin, have handy the order number, description of the issue, and photo of the product to add to the form. Then use the form below to complete your replacement request:

Defective Product Replacement Request Form. 

Replacements typically take 3 to 5 business days to process.

I am missing an item from my order. How do I get that replaced?
If you are missing an item from your order, you can fill out the Missing Item form. This is a quick way for Designer Services to review the situation and handle it accordingly. If something is missing because it is on backorder, Designer Services will send you an email to notify you that is the case. Otherwise, Designer Services will process a request to replace the missing items. To fill out a Missing Items Form, click here. 

How do I suggest a design or theme for a future Transfer (or make any other product suggestion)?
Click here to fill out a form for a Transfer suggestion, or any other product you’d love to see Chalk Couture consider!

I want to cancel my Designership. How do I do that?
You can request to close your account by completing the Chalk Couture Designership Cancellation Request form.


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