Flyer - Chalk Transfer® Use and Care

With just a little practice and care, you can create polished Chalk Couture™ designs in minutes by using the following instructions.

CUT: For cut-apart Transfers, cut along the trim lines before using each element. With a marker, label the Transfer Backer Sheets so you can match them with their coordinating Transfer elements for quick and easy cleanup.

PEEL: Peel the Transfer off the Backer Sheet in a straight motion (pulling diagonally may stretch the Transfer). Ensure the adhesive side does not curl together, sticking to itself. If it does stick to itself, try running the Transfer under cold water while slowly pulling it apart.

FUZZ: “Fuzz” the Transfer before it’s first application, particularly on glass, mirrors, windows, or other slick surfaces. To fuzz, lightly press the Transfer on a Fuzzing Cloth, a terry cloth towel, or any other cloth surface and remove several times to soften the Transfer adhesion before applying it to your surface.

APPLY: Using a squeegee, spread a thin, even layer of Chalkology® Paste or Ink over the design. Scrape excess paste or ink off the Transfer and return it to the jar or color tray. Work quickly and do not allow paste or ink to dry before you peel the Transfer off the surface.

REMOVE: Slowly remove the Transfer from the surface, and check the paste or ink coverage; avoid stretching the Transfer by not pulling on it diagonally. If there is uneven coverage or if there are areas you missed, re-adhere the Transfer and apply additional paste or ink before continuing. For layered projects, allow paste or ink to dry thoroughly between each layer. Heat set ink for best results.

HEAT SET: For inked designs on fabrics only, heat set with medium iron, using parchment paper as a barrier, for a minimum of 4 minutes per side. Move the iron in small circular motions across the design. Heat set oven-tolerant surfaces (the “non-food” side of surfaces like mugs, bowls, etc.) by placing them in the oven, preheated to 350°F, for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let the item cool inside the oven. Chalkology Ink (or Paste) is not food safe.

CLEAN: With cool water, wash your Transfer immediately after use, gently wiping the paste or ink away with a Board Eraser. Do not let your Transfer soak in standing water for a long period of time, as it may remove the stickiness from the backing. Some staining on the Transfer may occur but will not affect the performance of the Transfer.

DRY: After rinsing the Transfer with cool water, dry it by laying it sticky side up on a level surface. A dish-drying mat is recommended, because it absorbs excess water quickly.

STORE: Once the Transfer is dry, reattach the shiny side of the Backer Sheet to the sticky side of the Transfer and store your Transfer flat.

REUSE: Transfers are designed to be reused 8 to 12 times. Several factors may affect the life of the Transfer—for example, how well you clean it, whether you reattach it to the provided Backer Sheet when storing, and the types of surfaces you apply it to. Unwaxed surfaces or surfaces with fibers (fabrics, papers, glitter, raw wood) will shorten a Transfer’s life.

Design. Love. Repeat.™

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