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You can upload all available products on your Chalk Site to your Facebook business page. As long as you update the link column and add your Chalk Site in place of “corporphan”, shoppers on your business page will be linked directly to your Chalk Site to purchase products. To make this work, you must have a business page set up on Facebook, with a business account connected to it.

Step 1. Follow the steps listed here: Be sure to select “Check out on another website” under “Checkout Methods” to ensure the upload will work properly.

Step 2. Once your shop page has been approved by Facebook, you can upload items to a catalog with a data feed; use the file and instructions below, and then follow the steps listed here:

Please use the US or Canadian document based on your market. The general process is the same.

US Template

CA Template

  1. Download the CSV file above for your market. 
  2. Open in Excel or Google Sheets to edit.
  3. In the “Link” column, replace “corporphan” with your Chalk Site name for ALL items listed.
  4. Save the new file as .csv
  5. Resume instructions listed at the link above to upload.


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