FAQ - Canadian Exchange Rate

Revised January 1, 2023

How does Canadian pricing work?
Chalk Couture™ regularly reviews the Canadian currency exchange rate. Twice per year, as necessary, we make adjustments to better align pricing across markets. Adjustments typically happen every February and July, although not all reviews prompt price adjustments.

What is the current exchange rate Chalk Couture is using?
Exchange Rate effective as of January 1, 2023:

  • 1.29 CAD = 1 USD

How does the adjustment affect the monthly Designer subscription price?
The Canadian Designer subscription price remains $19.99 CAD. The Designer subscription is optional in Canada. Please see the Designer Subscription FAQ for additional details.

How does the adjustment affect the monthly Club CoutureTM customer subscription price?
The Canadian Club Couture subscription price remains $27.99 CAD.

How does the adjustment affect commission and PV?
To coincide with pricing adjustment, commissions earned prior to a currency update (January/June) and paid on February/July 15 will be paid at the then-current exchange rate.

Commissions earned in February or July and paid on March or August 15 will be based on a modified conversion rate if pricing is updated after the first of the month with the catalog release.

This rate will be calculated based on the PV earned prior to the pricing update and the PV earned after the pricing update to get a blended commission rate. This is done for your convenience in calculating your commissions.

All subsequent commission payout months will be paid at the new exchange rate.

PV is always connected to 60% of the US retail price, and does not change. For example, the purchase of a $32.50 CAD product yields the following (example only):

  • $32.50 CAD retail
  • $32.50 x 60% = $19.50 Canadian Designer price
  • $19.50 ÷ 1.29 ≈ 15PV

(15PV is also 60% of $25 USD, the US retail price of the item.)

How does the adjustment affect my current Design Dollars?
Design Dollars (DD) are earned based on 20DD for every 200PV. The 20DD is then multiplied by the current conversion rate, so the DD in your account may fluctuate to some degree.

Outstanding DD earned prior to a pricing update will not be adjusted to the new rate. All DD redeemed after a pricing update will be redeemed at the then-current exchange rate, regardless of when they were earned.

DD earned from the commission month during the price update and paid the following month on the 15th will be paid using the blended rate calculated for commissions, if needed.

All subsequent DD earned will be paid at the new conversion rate.

How does this adjustment affect shipping rates?
Exchange rate does not change anything on shipping rates for Designers or customers.


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