FAQ - Designer Preview

What is Designer Preview?
Designer Preview gives qualifying Designers early access to major launches—Spring, Summerbrations, Autumn, and Holiday, but may also include some off-cycle launches—with the opportunity to purchase new products ahead of the retail launch.

How do I qualify for Designer Preview?
Specific qualification requirements for each collection’s Designer Preview will be announced before each launch.

When will each Designer Preview occur?
Dates will vary depending on each particular launch, but the Designer Preview will typically be one to two weeks before the retail launch. 

What items will be included in Designer Previews?
Every product included in a given collection will be available for purchase, assuming the product is in stock and is ready for distribution. There are occasional challenges with production timelines, quality control review, shipping, etc., that may delay specific items and preclude them from the Designer Preview. There may also be quantity restrictions on select items.

Will qualifying Designers be allowed to place multiple orders during the Designer Preview period?

Will orders during the Designer Preview be fulfilled as usual?
We anticipate that orders will be fulfilled as per our traditional service levels. Watch the Weekly Email and other official communications for updates regarding Designer Preview periods.


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