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DIY home décor and craft projects great and small can be made easy and spectacular with a little help from the original makers of chalk paste and Transfers. 

Home of Transfers, Paste, Tools, and More!

  • Transfers
    • Mesh silk-screen stencils
    • Reusable
    • Use part or use all
    • Unique designs for any occasion
  • Chalkology® Paste
    • Creamy dreamy™ formula
    • Washable when wet
    • Hard, matte finish when dry
    • Available in jars and single-use packets
  • Squeegees
    • Rubbery, flexible texture
    • Perfectly smooths paste or ink over Transfers
    • Choose the size that fits your project
  • Tools
    • Fuzzing Cloth: “Fuzz” your Transfer to gentle the adhesive before use.
    • Color Trays: A perfect tiny palette for paste and ink.
    • Board Erasers: Remove lingering paste or “ghosting” on washable and reusable surfaces. Great for cleaning Transfers, too!
    • Quick Dry Tool: Speed dry time of ink and paste.
    • See more tools and accessories online!
  • Surfaces
    • Chalk on anything that stands still!
    • Choose from what you have on hand, or from our unique selection of surfaces offered exclusively from Chalk Couture.
    • Add dimension to any project using our Chalkable Shapes or ChalkSuede™ paper products.
  • Chalkology Ink
    • Color is permanent when heat set
    • Ideal for fabric, apparel, and glass
    • Available in jars and single-use packets

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