Bonjour Email - Week 5

Being a Designer is the greatest thing ever (hello, 40% off!), and there’s always a lot going on: 7+ product launches a year, fun events, amazing promotions, and more! Here are a few things that can help keep you in the know.

  • Weekly Designer Update Email
    • Sent every Thursday, with up-to-date information about product launches, updates, events, sales, news, FAQs, and details you need to know as a Designer.
  • Fab First Email
    • Sent on the first of each month, Fab First includes a quick video check-in on what’s new and newsworthy, including monthly promos and updates.
  • Product List
    • Updated daily, this list includes the when of every product! Is it in stock? Is it out of stock? Back soon? Soon to be gone forever? See all the details in one convenient sheet.
  • Training on Social Media

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