FAQ - Perks Members

What is the Chalk Couture™ Perks Membership?
The Perks Membership is a loyalty program that rewards Chalk Couture customers with exclusive perks and benefits. For $20 USD/$20 CAD per month (plus tax where applicable), Perks Members receive the following benefits:

  • $20 in free monthly product credit called Design Dollars (DD)(good for 30 days after date issued)
  • Shop 30% off regular retail prices
  • Access to exclusive promotions & specials
  • Membership in the Chalk Couture community

Starting March 5, rather than join Chalk Couture as a Designer, all new enrollees will join as a Perks Member. If they choose to participate in Chalk Couture as a business opportunity, they can upgrade their account and become a Designer (with full Designer benefits) for free, immediately, or at any other time.

What is the difference between a Perks Member and a regular customer?
Perks Members pay a $20 USD/$20 CAD monthly membership fee and in turn receive the membership benefits. 

What is the difference between a Perks Member and a Designer?
Perks Members are customers who pay a monthly fee to shop at discounted pricing and enjoy a variety of perks. Perks Members shop 30% off regular retail prices.

Designers are business builders who can sell products and earn sales commissions, enroll Team members and earn override commissions, participate in Chalk Couture awards programs, qualify for exclusive Chalk Couture incentives, etc. Designers shop 40% off regular retail prices and can re-sell products for retail profit. Designers also have a branded Chalk Site and earn a 15-25% deferred commission on all online sales.

Do Perks Members get a discount?
Yes. Perks Members receive a 30% discount off regular retail prices.

Do Perks Members pay a membership fee?
Yes, Perks Members pay a monthly membership fee of $20 USD/$20 CAD. In return, they will receive 20 Design Dollars (product credit) to use on an upcoming order. Design Dollars expire 30 days after the date they are issued.

How is shipping calculated for Perks Members?
Shipping for Perks Members’ orders will be assessed by weight in the same way Designer shipping is calculated.

Do Perks Members have a minimum purchase requirement to retain their perks and benefits?
No. There are no purchase requirements for Perks Members.

How does a customer enroll as a Perks Member?
Customers enroll by paying the $20 USD/$20 CAD Perks Pass fee, or by purchasing an enrollment Perks Pack (when available) on your Chalk Site or on chalkcouture.com and agreeing to the Perks Membership Terms & Conditions. As they are not Designers, Perks Members are not required to provide a social security number or select a Chalk Site URL. 

Does a Perks Member need a Designer Sponsor to enroll?
No. A Perks Member can choose to join under a Designer or they can join directly with Chalk Couture. If a Perks Member elects to upgrade their account and become a Designer they can upgrade under their original Sponsor, remain with Chalk Couture, or choose a new Sponsor. Their account will always default to the Designer who sponsored them. 

Can a Perks Member shop with any Designer?
In theory, yes, but to shop at their 30% off Perks pricing, they will need to log in to their Chalk Couture account. Once logged in, all sales will be attributed to the Designer who sponsored them.  

How does a Perks Member become a Designer?
Perks Members can upgrade their account to Designer at any time by going to “My Account”. They will enter in their date of birth, social security number or tax ID, choose a Chalk Site name, and agree to the Policies & Procedures and Designer Agreement. There is no additional fee or purchase required.

Once the Perks Member upgrades to a Designer, a ChalkPay account and Chalk Site will be created for them. 

Can Designers “downgrade” to become Perks Members?
No. Designers cannot change their account to a Perks Membership. If a Designer wanted to forego 40% off Designer Pricing, cancel their Chalk Site, etc., they could resign from their Designership and enroll as a Perks Member. However, that is not recommended. 

What will a Perks Member see when they are logged into their account?
They will see Perks Member pricing while shopping, a balance of their Design Dollars, personal order information, promotion details, and a variety of FAQs. 

How does a Perks Member cancel their membership?
By logging into their account and going to the “Subscription” tab. From there, they can choose to cancel their membership.

Do I earn commissions on my Perks Member orders?
Yes! You’ll receive a 15% deferred commission on all personally-sponsored Perks Member purchases. This includes a Perks Pack purchased at enrollment! Designers do not earn commissions on a member’s $20 USD/$20 CAD monthly membership fee.

Do I earn commissions on Perks Members who roll up to me when other Designers resign or leave Chalk Couture?
Yes. Designers will receive a 5% commission on Perks Members who are not personally-sponsored, “roll up” or are compressed when their original Sponsor leaves the company. 

Is Perks Member Volume (PMV) considered Personal Volume and will it qualify me for my Designer Title, incentive rewards, Savvy Seller Bonuses, etc.?
Yes. Perks Member Volume (PMV) is considered Personal Volume and counts towards PV requirements for PSQs, Savvy Seller Bonuses, title requirements, etc. 

Do I earn override commissions on the PMV within my Team?
Yes, you can earn override or Sales Commissions on the Perks Member Volume within your Team (Level 1-3). Override commissions are based on, and equal to, requirements and commissions associated with your Paid-As Title each month. 

Note: To support the launch of the Perks Membership and leaders during the initial stages of marketing the new opportunity, personal Perks Member Sales Requirements for Sales Commissions will be dropped by 50% through June 2024.  

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