FAQ - Design Dollars

What are Design Dollars?
Design Dollars (DD) are product credits that can be earned many ways. DD are awarded to Designers when they reach certain monthly PV thresholds in their Designership. DD are also paid to Perks Members and Designers once the monthly subscription has been successfully processed. Design Dollars are non-transferable, expire 30 or 60 days after they are issued, and can only be used one time.

How are Design Dollars earned by Designers?
Design Dollars can be earned by Designers in several ways. Here are some examples. 

  • Each month, you earn 10DD for your first 100PV, 10DD for your second 100PV, and 20DD for every 200PV thereafter.
  • DD are earned as part of the Designer Début program.
  • DD are added once the monthly subscription has successfully processed.
  • Occasionally DD may be gifted as part of a promotion, event giveaway, as additional incentives, or for other purposes as deemed appropriate by Chalk Central.

Design Dollar bonuses are paid monthly with deferred commissions, on the 15th of the following month. DD are added to your DD bank in your Designer Office and can be used all at once or a little at a time.

How are Design Dollars earned by Perks Members?
Perks Members will receive 20DD monthly when their membership fee is successfully processed.

How are Design Dollars used?
Design Dollars can be used (in part or in full) as a payment option when placing orders. To use DD, check the box labeled “Use my Design Dollars available for this order”, and the system will automatically enter the amount you are able to use for that order. You can use less than the amount shown if you choose to. Just enter the amount of DD you would prefer to use in the box and then select your credit card to proceed with the checkout process.

As a Designer, DD can be used to help you further support your Designership however you see fit. You can use them to purchase products that can be used for Team incentives, hostess gifts, customer giveaways, for your personal use, and more.

Where can I see my Design Dollars balance?
You can see your total DD balance on the payment page during checkout. You can also view your balance on your dashboard in the Design Dollars widget. To view your total DD balance and the expiration dates, click on the person icon next to the cart. Once you are in your account, select the Design Dollar section from the left-hand side menu. There is an icon next to the name. Here, you can review your DD balance and expiration dates, along with the list of DD used on your orders. 

How long are Design Dollars valid?
DD paid out with commissions expire 60 days after they are deposited to your DD bank. However, DD for your processed subscription expire 30 days after they are deposited to your DD bank. You will not receive any reminders of expiring Design Dollars but can view the expiration dates by following the instructions in the previous question. Lost/expired DD will not be restored to your account.

How is my PV adjusted when I use Design Dollars?
Design Dollars are equivalent to product credit. When DD are redeemed on an order, the amount of PV (Personal Volume) or PMV (Perks Member Volume) earned for that order is reduced according to the amount of DD/product credit that is used. PV is not earned on free product.


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