FAQ - Add-In Program

What is the Add-In Program?
Interested in getting your Club Couture™ Transfer earlier than ever? Then you’ll love our optional Add-In Program. When you place an order in your Designer Office between the 1st and the end of the month, we’ll automatically include your next month’s Club Couture Transfer design and coordinating accessory in your shipment.

NOTE: Your Club Couture Transfer design and coordinating accessory will show in your cart as free items, so you can be assured they have been automatically added. They will not generate any additional tax or shipping cost.

Does this program only apply to Club Couture?
No. We will also use this functionality to send your catalog during launch months and potentially for future promotions.

Why is it helpful for me?
This automatic add-in is a great way to get your monthly Chalk Transfer® design and coordinating accessory quickly. (It’s especially helpful for Canadian Designers who live in areas where the monthly Transfer takes longer in shipping). In addition to earlier delivery, the package will include tracking, and allows you to start promoting the next month’s Club Couture design!

Does this apply to Club Couture Customers?
No. This program is for Designers only and supports your sales and marketing efforts. Customers may be able to see the next month’s Transfer and coordinating accessory early because of the program.

What if I place more than one order during the month?
Your first order placed will contain your Club Couture Transfer design and coordinating accessory. You’ll receive only one Transfer and accessory per month total, regardless of the number of orders you place in a particular month.

What if I don’t place an order one month?
If a month goes by that you don’t place an order during the add-in period, you will be sent the current month’s Transfer design on the first day of the following month. For example, if you don’t order within March, your April Transfer will be sent to you on April 1.

NOTE: You must order via the Add-In Program to receive the coordinating accessory.

What if I order on my Chalk Site?
If you do, you are doing so as a retail customer, so you are not eligible for the Club Couture Transfer Add-In Program. Qualifying orders are those submitted by Designers in their Designer Office during the eligibility window only.

What if a new Designer signs up AND places an order within the month?
They will also get the next month’s Transfer and accessory, just like everyone else who places orders within the Add-In Program time frame.

Any additional details?
There’s no minimum order amount required to have your Club Couture Transfer design and coordinating accessory included. Just place an order between the 1st and the end of the month and we’ll automatically include your monthly Transfer and accessory.

For marketing purposes and sharing on social media, your Club Couture Transfer will still be sent in its branded envelope, inside the package with your other order items.

The addition of the Transfer to your order will not impact weight-based shipping or include tax. Shipping for your monthly Club Couture Transfer is always free.

Chalk Central will track the program and make any adjustments or changes as needed.

Design. Love. Repeat.™

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